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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fooyo Fresh Fruity Dessert Review @ Prangin Mall Penang

Anyone been to Thailand and seen those stalls selling the instant "fried" frozen yogurts?
Well, Fooyo is now at Prangin Mall Penang, located at the ground floor next to the Teo Chew Cendol stall, this is the place you will here the clang clang while they fry the frozen dessert! At first, I did not know what to expect when told that I was going to review a yogurt/dessert place but decided to give it a try anyway.
The way to make your frozen dessert is to first select the base which they have their own plain yogurt or vanilla/chocolate ice cream. Then select a fruit and they will specially mix them together during the "frying" process and voila, you have your ice cool frozen dessert. Pretty neat if you ask me and worth a try.
Their exact location and contact as below : 
Address: FB-A/G3 Prangin Mall, Jalan Dr Lim Chwee Leong, 10100 Penang. (Beside Teo Chew Cendol Stall) Contact: 010-395 9393 Biz Hour: 11am - 9pm FB:

The stall front
Their very simple menu

The employee preparing the frozen yogurt
This one is yogurt with Kiwi. And the clang clang begins!

Once the kiwi gets all chopped up, its time to spread it evenly thin and its quickly frozen on the base
Working quickly, the frozen yogurt is then expertly scrapped up into rolls
Typically will have about 4-5 rolls of the frozen yogurt
And finally, ta da! Its presented here with some love letters, chocolate chip toppings and at the base, there is some piece of wafer biscuits too which are really yummy
So here you have the Kiwi Fry Ice Yogurt at RM8.90. As the yogurt has a slight sourish taste to it, adding the kiwi highlights it even further. Its very appetizing as its sweetish sourish flavor makes you keep wanting more
This is the Mango Fry Ice Yogurt - RM8.50. This is more contrasty in flavor as mango is sweet while the yogurt is sourish. But the fact they use fresh fruits is a plus
Strawberry Fry Ice Vanilla - RM8.90. One really can't tell if its yogurt or ice cream when looking at the dessert. Its the taste that is different. But for strawberry lovers, they will surely like this one as you can really taste the strawberries and since typically the fresh strawberries are abit sour, the sweet ice cream helps even it out nicely.
Next we have the Banana Choco Fry Ice Vanilla - RM8.50 where besides the vanilla ice cream, they added chocolate to it and with the banana, its like having banana cake with chocolate! This is something very different but nice combo
This is the Mango Fry Ice Vanilla - RM8.50. I wanted to try this as initially, I couldn't tell how sour the yogurt was and thats why they prepare 2 mango dessert, one with yogurt and the other, vanilla ice cream base. Then I can really tell that the vanilla gives a sweeter taste compared to the yogurt. Its really a personal taste but I preferred the slightly sweet vanilla. Mind you, their ice cream are not really very sweet and just nice.
Besides the frozen dessert, they also have ice blended drinks. This as expected is the Dragon Fruit Yogurt Ice Blended - RM8.50. So instead of freezing it and having it like an ice cream, its in a slurpee form. I find it refreshing as a drink
Next to it is the Oreo Yogurt Ice Blended - RM8.90 which to me because Oreo's are inherently sweet already, its just a tad too sweet to my liking for a blended drink. But kids will love it for sure
And for snacks they have their waffles where there is a few options of fillings to choose from. We chose the Banana & Choco - RM4.00 and also another which is the Chocolate Chip - RM5.00
The banana and choco is pretty much your standard style of waffle where the filling is added after they made the waffle. The difference with their waffle is they have their own recipe for the batter and its really yummy.
And this is the Chocolate Chip version where the chocolate chips are already added into the batter and it gives it that melted feeling to the chocolate.
Overall a good new addition to the yogurt scene in Penang and its definitely Clang Clang interesting to see them in action!

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