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Monday, April 30, 2012

Seletar Hill Restaurant

As the name suggest, I would presume that this restaurant is located at Seletar Hill! It's like just a couple of minutes away from Motorola and Apple at Ang Mo Kio and I would say that the food here is pretty decent and was served relatively quick. This is a small restaurant though and its like located in the middle of a housing estate. I would guess that in Singapore, you won't find many of these small shops anymore. So do read on ya.

Starter of a spicy sourish Szechuan soup. The soup was well made with just the right amount of kick to it. There is lots of mushrooms and some egg strips in it too to give it some texture and bite.
The next dish is one of the better vegetable dishes I have had. This is stir fried long beans with a minced meat in a spicy sauce. Its somewhat like fry belacan but what stands out is surely the beans being very well cooked and you can definitely taste the "wok hei".

Tian Wai Tian Teochew Steamboat

I was very fortunate that my friend brought me to this place in Serangoon at a corner shop called Tian Wai Tian Teochew Steamboat. Its at Opal Crescent so for those in Singapore, you can easily find this place on the map. There isn't much varieties of food you can order but for whatever that is available, it is all very good! Read on about this place as I highly recommend it.

This is the steamboat. You can choose to have pomphret or red garoupa and we had the garoupa fish. The fish comes in large chunks which has been deep fried to maintain its shape and texture when in the steamboat. It was absolutely fresh! 
Do you notice the flames coming out from the center of the pot? Well, they still used charcoal in the pot to keep it boiling hot.

Typical Breakfast at Hilton Singapore

This post entry is about the breakfast I had at Hilton Singapore at Orchard Road. Breakfast was complimentary with the room and there is 2 locations for the breakfast. One at the Executive Lounge at the 22 floor and the other at the cafe at the ground floor. Similar food but the Lounge served a more typical American breakfast whereas the cafe has a better variety!

This is my typical mean. Muffin, smoked salmon, dim sum, sausages, poached egg and chicken salami.

Trip to Singapore April 2012

Well, I was lucky enough to get to visit Singapore again this year and this trip was made via SilkAir. As it was a direct flight, they even serve a simple mean of a chicken mushroom pie which was pretty tasty with a generous filling and nice puffy pastry. The standard drinks of fruit juice and water as well as coffee and tea were all available. This is just the beginning of my week of food adventure in Singapore in April 2012! 
The orange cups were nice, didn't keep one though

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hit 30k Pageviews!

I know its nothing compared to many more established blogs but I'm all happy that my food blog has finally hit 30k pageviews since being more actively penning down my adventures in food and travel and anything in between! Thanks to all the visitors and I will definitely continue writing and photographing as long as I can! Really appreciate all the support!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Restoran Makanan Laut Villa at Sitiawan

After Cheng Beng in Ipoh, decided to bring everyone on a day trip to Sitiawan and also have dinner there. Before dinner, we went to the famous Tua Pek Kong temple facing the sea and only after that we went to have dinner at Villa!
We arrived about 7.15pm and the place was packed to the brim with people! I was really surprised by so many people and according to my uncle who is pretty familiar with the place, this seems to be the norm here on weekends and the advise is to come on a weekday! Too bad that is not that feasible for me. 
We had to wait over an hour before food is served and it was a horrendous wait as we had to endure the many plates of appetizing food that kept passing over our table. The thing that piqued my interest the most was that I was seeing tables with only a few person and they were ordering huge plates of seafood. I was wondering, how on earth will they finish all the food? Or is it that they planned to bring the leftovers home? It was as if every table were ordering large portions. Or was it really cheap? 
Well, I finally found out when our order arrived at the table! Lo and behold, the size and portion of the dishes were mind blowing huge! First time I saw a mountain stash of clams being served! Everything was huge except the plate of prawns which I specifically mentioned to be a small portion. I was expecting this to be a hefty sum but I was thoroughly surprised by the price for everything! At only RM87 including rice and drinks, the food here is a steal! I hope after writing about this place the price doesn't sky rocket. Now don't say I don't let good things out of the bag (hehhe)

Its not hard to spot this place but come earlier
 Just look at the crowd

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Penny Tai Showcase at Penang

Was lucky enough to get 2 pairs of tickets to watch Penny Tai's showcase performance at Han Chiang School in Penang 2 weeks back. It was interesting because the banana me didn't really know who is Penny Tai until my wife told me about it. So the both of us were there and our friends and had an enjoyable time watching her performing live. 
It was a pretty lively performance and I was glad that she belted out quite a number of songs and the whole event lasted slightly over an hour. It was also nice that she took effort to mingle with the crowd and I even got to shake her hand. For those that missed this, I guess you could try catching her concert in Melbourne later this month. Till then, enjoy! Sorry for the not so great pics but was really quite far from the stage.

Homemade Sauteed Salmon Cube

Apple had a great day experimenting cooking with salmon and came out with this sauteed salmon cube with just a dash of salt and pepper. I guess the presentation and garnishing is what makes this one special. She really put in much effort to present this dish! Its tasty as good as it looks! Yum yum.

Then for the full meal, its made with brown rice topped with the sauteed salmon cubes and fried bean sprouts with salted fish! That was my cooking ya, the taugeh! Hahah. Hope you all like this home cooking of ours ya.