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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gee Seng Seafood at Bukit Tambun

How times has changed since I last had dinner at Bukit Tambun which is a fishing village located near Juru. I have been to this place ever since I step foot in Penang and it used to be a place to get high quality seafood at a very affordable price. Well, I would say that fresh seafood is still in abundance here with the many seafood restaurants located here but the price has definitely gone up. I guess we just can't escape inflation right? I guess for the same amount of money, we can surely get similar or better food on the island and moreover, the traffic here is really terrible as there is only 1 road in and out of this place.
Here, as you drive towards Bukit Tambun town, just keep driving in on the road and you will reach till the road ends and on the right you will see Gee Seng Seafood. Its such a big place that you can't miss it. Enjoy the photos ya!

The first dish to arrive. Even though the place was packed, but the food was out of the kitchen really fast. I guess they have many cooks here. The fried noodles were rather bland and was just fried with some bean sprouts, egg and dried shrimp. Not too bad as a starter to fill the hungry stomach first.
The satay was equally fast. The size was pretty reasonable and this one also has the sauce on the meat while its cooked already. I'm wondering if this is a Penang thing with satay being made this way? Saves one the hassle to dip it in sauce but I do miss a good helping of Kajang Satay!

The welcome sign!
Anyone knows what is this? This is the infamous horse shoe crab. Honestly, this thing is tasteless and all you eat are its eggs which after its cook, is like chewing on mini rubber balls. Try it once but that is all I will say.
Fresh blue flower crabs. The crabs were lively but kind of small. Maybe the bigger ones already sold out
Just look at the crowd
The many fresh seafood that is already prepared on baskets with ice.
Fresh snapper. Looks pretty good to me
Fried belacan kang kong was the next dish we had. Simple but somehow even though its spicy, it lacked the oomph factor
Crab cooked with salted egg yolk. This one was a disappointment. The crabs were so small even though we asked for large meat crabs. Its as if the crabs were underage. Moreover, it was expensive. Paying like RM60 per kg for crabs of this size is a rip off I would say
Fried sotong(squid) with dried chillis was pretty good. The squid was not tough or chewy and had just the right texture to it.
Nestum prawns is pretty standard affair. A good amount of Nestums was used and definitely the prawns were fresh. I would say these were mid sized prawns and not large ones per say
I guess the highlight of the dinner was the steamed fresh mantis prawns. Each person had 2 mantis prawns with each piece costing RM8. The size is pretty decent and these are definitely very good and fresh. There goes my cholesterol levels.

Takes abit of skill to peel off the shell to have the meat in 1 piece
Fried kapa. This one was only so so the taste. The shellfish was small thus not much meat
Fried icecream is really just a ploy I think. Poor quality icecream and a thick batter doesn't help this
And finally some photos of the restaurant signboard


  1. My love mantis prawns, very good taste especially in fresh

  2. Hey Nikel, yes the mantis prawns were very fresh and they do have alot of stock, though the cleanliness of the place is something else

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