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Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Day in Taichung ~ Famous Kuo Cheesecake 光之乳酪

As we were enjoying our slow walk about the central of Taichung heading to the Museum, we noticed this white building along Guanqian Road next to a park. So with curiosity, we decided to check it out. The good thing about Taiwan is that most places are very receptive to people visiting.
The outside of the building had a big poster in Japanese of a cake, but I can't read it but would presume its cheese cake la since Japanese cheesecake is popular right?
This is how the building look like from the main road. A big yellow poster!
The window panes with the cute sumo wrestler trying to climb in

The main entrance is very simple.
Oh this is the building next to it. Don't go in the wrong building ya though I think this is also a cafe!
Another angle. Quite hard to miss this building la since it stands out quite abit
As you enter, you can see lots of decorations that are simple yet very pleasing.

For fans that like to have a stamp on their journals or such, they have a few here though I was hoping the quality of the stamp could have been much better (heck my wife makes better ones)
This is a view of the counter on the right, where you can purchase the cheesecake and also icecream. At the back where you see many people sitting is the place where you can have your icecream or cheesecake here. Do note you need to take off your shoes
This is the center of the shop. It can get pretty crowded
Another view of the counter. The cheesecake if keep being made and also not all kinds are always available. If you are keen, you can ask for a piece of sample to try.
This is the view from the rear of the building. Yes you can enter from both sides and this side has wall paintings on them too
And finally we come to the cheesecake pictures. If Im not forgetful they have four type, No1 to No4 and each is slightly different in texture. Can't remember which we tried that day but it was really light and not overly cheesy. It was also very soft or fluffy.
The packaging neatly places 4 piece of the cheesecake in a box. You can opt for just 1 piece also. Each piece is about 2-3 bite size (depending how large is your mouth ya). All in all, I can say this cheesecake is worth a try. There is nothing nicer than a cool day strolling in the park and having something like this to cheer up the day.

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