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Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Day in Taichung ~ Walking along Yingcai Road

So after lunch, we took bus 290 to the town center of Taichung. Now can you believe that buses are free if you have a MRT card. Yes thats right, in Taichung its called the BRT and its a free bus service. Another thumbs up for them ya.

So we walk along Yingcai Road as this place is like a long central park in the city. Its surrounded by greenery which is really refreshing. As it was a weekend, we stumbled upon something like a flea market, though it was obvious it was proper business people running the individual stalls. The place was located next to Hotel One Taichung. There are alot of huge artpieces along the way and I spotted this huge metal Rhino! I think it can be a character in the Transformers movie with the all metal construction and mean look! As I was carrying my baby boy, I didnt stop and took another shop of the front face of the rhino.

 There are various art objects scattered all over the place
 The flea market was filled with many stalls all pushing their wares. There were an assortment of stuff but fashion items was the main attractions I presume as there were many clothing stalls

 There was an area that had a sub basement level and happened that there was a charity event going on that day
 Walking along, I then spotted a golden Rhino! Wow
As we continued our leisurely stroll, I came across a building which seems to be selling all sorts of electronic goods and i managed to pickup a decent uSD card for my camera! Thus all photos from this line onwards will be with my trusty camera. But I think all my previous photos are good too, as it was a nice beautiful day.

Some refreshments. The seller basically filled the bottle with a teabag containing different types of tea, and then chilled them. Creative indeed. Don't see this in Malaysia yet so entrepreneurs, start planning 
 There were various weekend markets all over the place
 And since it was still late spring, still managed to catch some Sakura blooms but it was not as spectacular as the ones we saw in Taipei. Will post about that one soon
 As we walk along, we followed the path where there is a pedestrian walkway and we were surprised why there were so many people gathered. Upon getting closer, we then realize that there were street performers in action and these were probably university students show casing their talent. Man, look at that chair stand!
 The huge crowd that gathered to watch. Basically the performers will try to get some handouts from the crowd after the show
 Below are just some random shots of the pedestrian walkway that is like a mini park on its own
 Lots of large trees line the place
 Lots of people were just lazing around :)

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