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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Blanco Court Prawn Mee

I was told that there is a famous Prawn Mee at Beach Street in Singapore and my friend was nice enough to bring me there for breakfast. The shop was 2 shoplots in size so I guess thats pretty big. One needs to go to the counter to order the noodles and there is a choice for normal or extra large prawns. There is also the pork ribs to be ordered as well. I saw a sign CEO's Hawkers Guide and it says this is a Choice place for CEO's. Hahah, I'm sure I'm not a CEO hahah. So do read on about my yummilicious prawn noodles at Blanco Court!

Just look at my bowl with extra large prawns and added pork ribs

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fei Loh Chu Char at Singapore

Had a scrumptious dinner with my 2 cousins in Singapore and we went to Chinatown Peoples Park food complex to have a chu char meal. Interestingly the stall according to my cousins is called Fei Loh or Fatty's stall. No offense but thats what its called locally I guess. I always feel that one can get great delicious food at very very affordable prices in Singapore and once again, this stall proves exactly that. I will share with you, what about SGD 50 can give you and your family a wholesome meal!

To start of. we ordered sauteed large prawns with soy sauce. The prawns were easily XL sizes and  there were about 6 prawns in total. The prawns were very fresh and the cooking method allows the soy sauce to really get absorb into the prawns. This was delicious.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Orchid Live Seafood Restaurant at Singapore

What would be an extraordinary lunch? Well, for those in Singapore, really envy you all as I do not see any similar place like this in Penang which serves lobster porridge for lunch. Yes, you heard me right, that is no ordinary porridge but live fresh lobster porridge! 
When I first heard of it, I thought that it would be those like big prawns but boy was I wrong when I arrived at this place. For your information, this place is located in the outskirts of Sembawang in one of those farmers places. As you reach the place, you will see many aquariums filled to the brim with lobsters. Hardly one will see so many lobsters placed in 1 aquarium and I guess they have so many because its consumed fast! They have both an indoor and outdoor seating place and I was told that they are pack in the evenings! So do read on for those looking for something special for their lunch treat!

Just look at those yummy lobsters! We ordered a portion  for 2 person and each person got 3 lobsters, though in different sizes. Looking at the photos is making me drool now! The meat was so springy and sweet and they purposely remove it from the porridge when its serve to ensure that the lobster do not get overcook!
So many of them all crammed up in there. Only fresh lobsters may apply!

Monday, May 14, 2012

BeerBQ Bistro at Precinct 10 Penang

I guess I could count my lucky stars that I got a chance to join some other food reviewers to attend a food tasting at BeerBQ Bistro located at Precinct 10, Penang. Its located at the same row as SOHO and Nueve and right at the corner, giving it ample seating area outside the bistro as well.
As I entered the bistro, the lighting is soft from the glows of the chandelier and there was a few tables that were already busy digging into their food and beer of course! Good sign. They have both a ground floor and also an upper sitting area which is ideal for those with a group or large family as it is very cosy and private, just nice for a small gathering or function. For beer lovers, they definitely have a good selection of premium beers from stouts to lager to ale! I'm no beer expert but the owner really knows her hops and barley. So what makes this place different than your typical diner joint that serves beer? I'm sure I lost count how many places actually have similar menus so this is what I feel make them a little bit unique. 
As you flip their menu, you will see that they try to pair their food with different beers! Yes, I'm sure you have heard of wine pairing so now in Penang, you have beer pairing! Its not an easy thing to achieve I must say as you really need to understand the many subtle tastes of the different beers with the way the food is cooked. So as I go along in this blog entry, I will be also telling you how it goes with the different beers. As always comments are very welcomed!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Long Beach Seafood Restaurant

With more friends and colleagues available, we decided to give Long Beach Seafood Restaurant a try after mentions from many that this is a popular seafood place that is near to Orchard. Its located at Dempsey Hill which is like opposite the Botanical Gardens if I'm not mistaken. The place was packed to the brim when I arrived at about 8.30pm and luckily my colleagues have already gotten a table and ordered. I believe they ordered from a set menu thus thats good to know. No need to think too much I guess. So do read on for those that have a knack for some seafood in Singapore ya!

So this is the first dish we have! Do you able to guess what it is? Sorry for the poor lighting as we were sitting outside and it was really really dim!
This is the salmon and geoduck sashimi platter!
The sashimi platter comes with this pot of seasoned soup which is used to do a quick shabu shabu! What that means is that you take the sashimi and quickly dip it in the hot soup for just like 1-2 seconds. Thats all it takes to retain the freshness of the sashimi and not over cook it

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jack's Place - For some nice Western Food

Well, had a chance to have some western food at a diner place called Jack's Place. Again, did not bring my GPS with me but this was near some shops up North in Singapore. Its not too far away from Ang Mo Kio as I recall. So they have set lunches and also ala carte. For the set lunch, its quite worth it as it comes with a soup, main course, dessert and coffee or tea. A complete meal I guess. So below if about my experience at Jack's Place in Singapore!

My main course which is stewed lamb shank! You can see that the meat is already falling off the bone!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tatsuya for your Japanese Cuisine Fix

I guess my colleague suggested for Japanese food and I happen to ask the taxi driver which Japanese restaurant around Orchard area which is recommended and he told us that there was one at Goodwood Park Hotel. First thing that came to my mind was where is this hotel and what kind of hotel was it?
I guess Singaporeans would know but I surely didn't until we walk to the hotel and lo and behold, this is surely one expensive hotel.
So this is my recount of my dinner with colleagues at this fantastic Japanese restaurant called Tatsuya and its really a great place to experience some great Japanese food provided your pocket is deep enough.

The Sashimi platter for 4 person which costs SGD200. No doubt its one of the best sashimi platter that I have had but for SGD200, its kind of pricey. Each item you only get 1 piece or slice!