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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fei Loh Chu Char at Singapore

Had a scrumptious dinner with my 2 cousins in Singapore and we went to Chinatown Peoples Park food complex to have a chu char meal. Interestingly the stall according to my cousins is called Fei Loh or Fatty's stall. No offense but thats what its called locally I guess. I always feel that one can get great delicious food at very very affordable prices in Singapore and once again, this stall proves exactly that. I will share with you, what about SGD 50 can give you and your family a wholesome meal!

To start of. we ordered sauteed large prawns with soy sauce. The prawns were easily XL sizes and  there were about 6 prawns in total. The prawns were very fresh and the cooking method allows the soy sauce to really get absorb into the prawns. This was delicious.

Probably one of my favorite dishes in Singapore if their steam carp head. Well, as can be seen in the picture below, you don't just get the head but more like half a fish. Its only 1 side of the fish but the portions is really big. A portion like this in Chinatown costs in the range of SGD12-15 only which is worth every dollar. The one cooked here is using preserved bean paste for the sauce but I find it abit watery. I definitely have had better ones but the fish was really fresh so that made up for it.
Fried pig intestines with vegetables was a nice change to the standard stir fried vegetables. The intestines were maintained their tenderness very well and thus not tough or chewy to the bite. The sauce has a slight black pepper taste to it and very appetizing indeed.
A simple dish of fried french beans with crispy anchovies. The french beans definitely was cooked with very high heat and the wok hei was a joy to savour.
We had one more dish which is cuttlefish with kangkung and curry sauce. The portions were very large for this dish and the curry sauce blended well with the cuttlefish and vegetable. Yum. So there you have it, less than SGD50 for 5 dishes and rice good enough for 3-4 person. Excellent value for money meal indeed!

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