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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Suffolk House Full Menu List

Hi all
As from my previous post of the Chef Tasting Menu, this post is abit more subdued and basically have more of the details of the menu itself. As one will notice, the dishes can vary as the adhere to serving only the best ingredients available on the day. Was told that the chef checks out the market frequently and thats always a good to know!
Thus have a look at the below and do head on over to try their items ya. Again, don't forget to mention this blogs name to be entitled to the promotions! Enjoy. Enter to view the embedded PDF's!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Suffolk House New Menu and Amazing Promotions

I believe most people would have heard of Suffolk House located at Penang and its really and amazing venue with its lush green lawn and majestic building. Suffolk House now have a thriving restaurant and its very popular with both tourist and locals. They offer some great value for money fine dining experience as well as their very nostalgic atmosphere. You are afterall dining in a mansion!
So Suffolk House has just recently onboarded their new Executive Chef, Mr Gordon Robertson who is a highly acclaimed chef whom was born in Scotland but grew up in Hong Kong and has traveled the world expanding his culinary skills. His has been head chef at the infamous Royal Albert Hall in London as well as leading various restaurants in his exciting career and now, he is in Penang's Suffolk House with the goal of bringing the culinary experience to the next level! For a moment, that introduction sounded like what you will find from an Iron Chef! Heheh

Anyway, for month of October and November 2013, they are having a special promotion where for any party of four people taking the set menu (lunch, dinner or the chefs tasting menu!!), Suffolk House will give them the cost of the cheapest set menu free (so effectively a 25% discount).  For those that prefer to dine à la carte, Suffolk House will offer them a 15% discount on their food bill for diners having two courses including a main course (not sharing).  And the most important aspect to get this promotion is to please mention this blog: to them when ordering to be entitled!

So do check out the photos, and of course what I thought of it
The magnificent grounds of Suffolk House
Just love these kind of British Colonial window design

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Homedec @ SPICE Penang 4-6 October 2013

Went to Homedec last weekend and its always an interesting place to visit. Not having any particular agenda, I just went around while trying to see if there are anything that stands out and my goal would be to add these to my blog.
So this time round, as I was pretty much free on that weekend, I went there on 2 occasions, and ended up buying an aircon cleaning kit. Was about to buy some LED lights but then figured I will do those next year. Anyway, do have a look at some of the displays which I found more interesting. Also only included those that actually allowed me to take photographs. I still can't understand some exhibitors who still do not allow photos. I mean come on, people already see what you have, yet thinking you can keep it a secret? Well, too bad then, I won't even mention about you then :p

Dreamponds had a very strategic location being right at the entrance! I found their instant pond pretty neat and the best part is that there is no filters where they use the undergravel to do all the cleaning work. Downside is the initial cost and also the yearly maintenance. Interesting as the package will sell you whatever they have on display, including the fish and potted plants. Great for those looking to try a pond out
Their demo featured a pair of terrapins, which is suppose to show how clean the water is, as it will usually stink discolor the water very quickly with these guys

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ninetology U9 Series Launch @ 1881 Chong Tian Hotel Penang

Ninetology I must say is currently aggressively marketing their products and now with their U9 series, its starting to really make an impact. Recently the company hosted their launch in Penang and I believe that they managed to have one heck of a venue by choosing 1881 Chong Tian Hotel! The hotel is a heritage reborn and probably Ninetology shares the same belief that they will be here to stay in the smart phone business.
Being a ASEAN product, they are targeting some primary areas of focus which is to have performance and usability at an affordable price.
It was a pretty exciting launching with all their latest models on display and all the media personnel were able to have some hands on time with it. Besides that, there were also games and quizzes with 3 lucky winners that day walking home with their new smart phones. Its really was a blast of a launch and hopefully I will be getting my hands on one of these phones for a review soon! For now, check out the pictures. Credits also to the hotel for hosting the event with some very good food for the night!

The venue, 1881 Chong Tian Hotel, Jalan Pintal Tali, Penang
 All ready for the launch

Review of New York Burger @ Irrawaddi Road, Penang

For those in the know, behind the busy road of Burma Road and all, there is an enclave of shops that is slowly becoming a haven for some good food. Today got the opportunity to try out New York Burger which is located along Jalan Irrawaddi and just a couple of shops away from Harvest Inn. Its not a very big place currently but I guess you don't need all nice big tables since the items which they serve is as their name suggest is mainly on Burgers as well as some Pizza and Pasta!
I kinda enjoyed the design and setup of the place. It reminds me of those diners which you see so often in Hollywood movies! Even the tables and lamp design, are so American. But anyway, this place is famous for the charcoal burgers, and surprise surprise, there was even a charcoal pizza! Yeap, I was skeptical but actually it was very well made and tasty. Thus, check out the pictures below and maybe give it a try.

Its Burger Time!
The shop has 2 stories but currently only the lower floor is used!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

German Galore Promotion at Eastin Hotel Penang

Time really flies and before we know it, October is here and for that, I'm also a year older. For the month of October, I guess somehow, everything seems to be about the German festivities and Eastin Hotel Penang through their Swez Brasserie is having a German Galore where they try to bring some German inspired food to the table for all to sample.
Now, I guess most would agree that for the authentic German food, you have to have pork and beer. But since this is a pork free hotel, thats not possible and the chef's here need to be abit more creative to have the taste and authenticity yet keep it pork free. I have to say that this is one challenge which is almost impossible to solve though and its really a good effort by some of the award winning chefs here are doing. 
So for the month of October, the buffet and semi buffet will have German inspired dishes to whet ones appetite and I find the buffet interesting as always as you will get to try many different varieties of food versus the semi buffet where the main courses is served full plate.
Its also good to note that the pricing is still the same as stated below. Best part is Maybank, Standard Chartered, OCBC, CIMB and Citibank credit card members are entitled to a 15% discount as well for the dinner menu! So check it out.

Lunch: Monday-Friday (12-2.30pm)
RM48++ Adult, RM24++ Child

Hi Tea: Saturday-Sunday (12-3.00pm)
RM55++ Adult, RM28++ Child

Semi Buffet Dinner: Sunday-Thursday (6.30pm-10.00pm)
From RM48++

The chefs presenting their creations