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Saturday, October 5, 2013

German Galore Promotion at Eastin Hotel Penang

Time really flies and before we know it, October is here and for that, I'm also a year older. For the month of October, I guess somehow, everything seems to be about the German festivities and Eastin Hotel Penang through their Swez Brasserie is having a German Galore where they try to bring some German inspired food to the table for all to sample.
Now, I guess most would agree that for the authentic German food, you have to have pork and beer. But since this is a pork free hotel, thats not possible and the chef's here need to be abit more creative to have the taste and authenticity yet keep it pork free. I have to say that this is one challenge which is almost impossible to solve though and its really a good effort by some of the award winning chefs here are doing. 
So for the month of October, the buffet and semi buffet will have German inspired dishes to whet ones appetite and I find the buffet interesting as always as you will get to try many different varieties of food versus the semi buffet where the main courses is served full plate.
Its also good to note that the pricing is still the same as stated below. Best part is Maybank, Standard Chartered, OCBC, CIMB and Citibank credit card members are entitled to a 15% discount as well for the dinner menu! So check it out.

Lunch: Monday-Friday (12-2.30pm)
RM48++ Adult, RM24++ Child

Hi Tea: Saturday-Sunday (12-3.00pm)
RM55++ Adult, RM28++ Child

Semi Buffet Dinner: Sunday-Thursday (6.30pm-10.00pm)
From RM48++

The chefs presenting their creations

This is the Rahm-Schnizel or Chicken Cutlet. Deep fried succulent chicken is very yummy!

This is their German Sauerkrat Salad. I guess typically its more purplish but according to the chef, this is how they make it in Germany, with green cabbage. They also put alot of crispy turkey bacon!
Their Kartoffelsalat (German Potato Salad) is not like the usual mash potato. This one comes in chunks and their own mix of dressing. Well, I guess there will never be a potato salad that is universal and all have their own unique twist to it
Rindergulasch is a beef Goulash soup and its really thick and when mixed with some cream, gives it a richer texture as well.
This is a dish which I'm fond of. This is the Haselnuss-Kruste Fische or Hazelnut Crusted Fish. Thick slab of fish with a good dose of hazelnut all keeping the fish moist and giving a nutty flavor to it.
These are the Bratwurst or sausages which are a staple for German cuisine. I have not seen a German restaurant that doesn't have some form of sausages. Here they have 5 varieties which is made from chicken or beef! Don't worry that you will be stuff of sausages as they will slice the sausages and you can sample abit of it all! They have a mix of mustard or their German curry sauce which is not really spicy curry but more like a peppery tomato sauce!

Kartoffelpuffer is Potato Pancakes and I like this one too. The potatos are so soft inside with a nice delicate skin holding it all together. Its also well flavored
Deutsch Stil Grune Bohnen or German Style Green Beans. Again lots of bacon use here and since I love veggies, this one works great for me too!
And finally the desserts. This is the Beignet or German Deep Fried Choux Pastry was fluffy and puffy. Hahah, what a way to describe it eh.
The Bavarian Apple Strudel was very flavorful with the choice of apples and cinnamon! The outer layer holds all the juicy goodness inside and get this while its available. Best part is that its not overly sweet too! Also notice that they have raisins in there as well for good measure!
I couldn't help myself running to the buffet counter to grab a bowl of Laksa!

And here are my sampling portions! This way I don't need to eat till the max

One thing to note, the above are for the Lunch menu and for the Semi Buffet Dinner, there is a slightly different menu which changes weekly! 

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