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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tian Tian Lai Dim Sum at Sungai Ara Foodcourt

I'm not too sure how many people actually knows that there is actually a foodcourt along Tingkat Kenari in Sungai Ara but there actually is and in the mornings till about lunch time, they serve some pretty good Dim Sum at a place called Tian Tian Lai Dim Sum.
The place is spacious and with lots of available parking and this is kind of my regular dim sum place when I just feel like having a peaceful late brunch without having the need to fight to get some food. The place have quite alot of variety but the best part is that its less crowded. Probably is because its tucked away in Sungai Ara thus not many know about it.
All the items I ate in this blog post and inclusive of a pot of tea only cost about RM22 which is good enough for 3 person. Thus they score on the affordability index and for taste, they are good, but probably not the best. But I'm not complaining and will surely continue to have them as my regular place for a decent breakfast. Check it out!

This is the fish ball noodle wrap. The fried wanton noodles is used to wrap the fishballs (and these are really big pieces) and then a gravy is put on top to serve. This one is really worth it and taste great. Understand its only available on weekends though

 Another angle
 You can see we had the steamed Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun and also Chai Kueh at the back

 There is also a plate of stuff tofu. The picture did not show the standard Siew Mai and Har Kou though. Ate it too fast
 I thoroughly enjoyed the stuff tofu!

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