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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dine with Pearly Kee, Pearly's Nyonya Makan!

Sometimes I have to thank my lucky stars as I was invited to try out the once in a month Pearly's Nyonya Makan session where Pearly Kee hosts a dinner at her home with some of the most authentic Nyonya food that you can get hold of in Penang. Paiseh but I have always heard of this person called Pearly and Nyonya Food but just never had a chance till the very evening!
I have to say, Pearly is one bubbly and cheery host and she will have lots of stories, be it about Nyonya Food or her colorful family history which is from a very traditional Nyonya family. I was amazed at her knowledge not just in cooking, but in using the various raw ingredients as well. Her home is planted full with plants that serves as herbs as well as flavor enhancers (as well as the various beneficial uses as well)
So what is this dining session about? Well, Pearly has been cooking, and conducting cooking classes for over 5 years now, both at the Tropical Spice Garden as well as her home. Now she is looking for a chance to let guests sample the food while at the same time, getting to know more people, and of course more people to chit chat with!! To me, sounds like a great idea and moreover, the menu have over 8 all time favorites and maybe some bonus as well if she can manage! So, I highly recommend this to Nyonya Food lovers and you can check out the menu in this link. Also, book a place early as she can only host so many people in a dinner session. Check this link here!

Pearly preparing Roti Jala

Spice rack
Some samples of the raw ingredients used! At least I know the difference between the various ginger species and some uses!
Some Nyonya Kuih. Nice that its bite size so you don't feel overly stuffed at the end.
Kari Kay ~ Curry Chicken with potatoes in its very own curry pot! According to Pearly, this claypot will forever be reserved for this dish as its taste has already been infused into the pot!
Mango Kerabu which is a bonus dish for the night
This is the Nasi Kunyit or sticky yellow rice which is made from glutinous rice. The rice had just the right consistency to it, as if its too soft and sticky, it will not go well with the curry!
Achat Awak is a mix vegetable salad or Achar! Like the nice nutty flavor to it
Char Chap Chye is a stir fried mix vegetables with glass noodles in a beanpaste sauce. Again, flavors are good and I always like vegies with glass noodles
Some sambal and cili padi for those that love and extra zing to their food
Steamed egg in minced pork. Now my mom used to make this and I never thought it to be a Nyonya item too. Best part is the salted egg yolk inside. I guess because she had to steam them in small cups thats why I feel the pork is too dry or over steamed :)
The Roti Jala which was made as we ate it!
A special drink which is Sprite mixed with dragon fruit and lots of basil seeds.
Pearly having a story session! Love it
My grab for the night! OK, so I had 2 plates ya
Probably the highlight, dessert of Gandum with caramelized ubi kayu!
All the happy and attentive guests :)
3 tables in total for the night! Full house

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