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Friday, June 21, 2013

NEW YORK 2013 ~ Apple Store 5th Avenue

Frankly, before I went to New York, I didn't really think about which place to visit. It just so happen I bumped into a colleague of mine and he mentioned that I should check out the Apple Store on 5th Avenue. Even though I m somewhat of a fan of the fruit company, in the back of my mind was, whats so special about an Apple Store? I have seen the one in Hong Kong and it wasn't all that special other than the glass stairs.
Well, anyway, I still slogged my way on my very tired feet all the way to 5th Avenue from Times Square, and I was greeted by this transparent glass cube on the ground. First question was, where is the products? Well, the answer lies actually beneath my feet. The store front is actually just like a grand entrance, with the goodies down below in a subterranean level. Kind of interesting design. So should this be on a must visit list of places while in New York? If you are an Apple fan, the a BIG YES! Else, if you are really free, ok, else its just an Apple Store too :)
Cheers, and don't shoot me Apple fans, cause at least I did visit it too!

The all glass cube front where there is the glass staircase or a lift to bring you downstairs
 As I was walking down, this is what greeted me below

 A view from below

 Basically the place is packed. Good news is that you get free Wi-Fi and all and its warm!

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