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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lou Malnati's ~ Deep Dish Pizza from Chicago

Its nice to have buddies in places that you visit and Bill was nice enough to bring me to sample one of the legends of Chicago food which is the deep dish pizza from Lou Malnati's! Well, I would guess this is really some famous as even my sister asked if I tried it, and I'm very very glad I did. Besides not having been to Italy, I find that the pizzas in the USA overall are really good and way way better than any fast food or pizza joints available locally in Penang.
So apparently Lou's started way back in Chicago and actually now have quite a number of outlets spread out across the state. They even do mail orders if you are in the USA and I was really tempted to see if they will ship it to Penang, but they mentioned its USA only :( Bummer.
Anyway, so what is so different with a deep dish than a normal pizza? Well, for starters, the deep dish is over 1 inch thick, so imagine your normal pizza toppings being really thick, almost lasagna thick. This is thus what a deep dish is. A very thick pizza! 
I was told the original filling is cheese with spinach but we ordered a custom one with lots of sausage and bell peppers and of course loads of cheese! It was a 12 inch pizza just nice for 2 person, but can you imagine, I actually managed to eat half of this monster with Bill devouring the rest! Not bad for 2 person, I don't imagine me able to chow down the bigger one though. 
The pizza was very flavorful and I find the crust to be pretty edible too. Not overly hard. Also the filling was just delicious and as I write this, the hunger pangs is making me drool over this now! Anyway, if you are in Chicago and have a love for pizzas, don't pass up the offer to try this!
A note, the place was packed by 6pm, and its a good thing we reach just before the crowd as it takes awhile to bake this monster! Comments welcomed as always.

 Oh my, what a beauty
The exterior of the building. This one is a historic building and supposedly over 50 years old, or was that 100?

 Scooping it out now
 Nice slab of pizza on my plate.... hmmm yummy


  1. Thanks for giving us a try! Very happy to hear you enjoyed your first taste of our deep dish. Hope to see you back again! Cheers!

  2. Thanks alot Lou Malnati! It was great and definitely will be back to try more if I'm ever in Chicago again!