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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Spades Burger with Signature Charcoal Bun @ Penang

I guess with all the pent up frustration from so many years of only having Ramli Burgers, one can finally see a revolution happening in Penang with "better" burger joints mushrooming everywhere and the demand does not seem to stop yet!
Thus, this is where a bunch of creative guys started what is called Spades Burger which is currently running out of the shop lot at Pekaka Square right next to where Maxim's Dim Sum is in the evenings. They are now starting with a very simple menu which consists of either pork patties or de-boned chicken. So for burger lovers or hunters, do check out Spades too. Read on!

Their very simple menu. Everything is based on cards!
Simple no frills burger joint
Lots of seating area which is good!
The fun starts when the grill is fired up
This is the Queen of Spades! Double deboned marinated chicken piece with double layer of cheese as well! I have to say, the chicken was pretty good and works well with their special sauce. Do you notice the crispy pork bacon too?
Another view!
This is the Porky Pair with the pork patty and the bacon! I find the patty abit soft on that night, but other than that, again, the bacon steals the show
By far the most appetizing and amazing creation Spades did is this! Shroomception which consist of a whole Portabello mushroom that has been coated in Panko crust and then deep fried. Its then layered with mushroom sauce that has shiitake and enoki mushrooms and finally topped with cheese! This was really tasty and the bonus part, this is a Vege burger! Yes, you heard me right! This mushroom burger is really something to shout about.
This is the Full House of Pork, again DOUBLE of everything! Huge. Pork lovers rejoice
Now, on that night, the Spades crew went abit haywire and created this monster patty on a stick! They have no name for it, and no price, but for those meat lovers, just tell them you saw this here on my blog and I'm sure they will figure out how to make you one
And finally, all the burgers lining up for a photo! The bun looks too small huh!
Overall, I think they still have room to improve, and my initial assumption was to come for great meaty burgers but end up I found a Great Vege burger instead! Surprise indeed! I can't wait to go back to Spades again.
Can check out their Facebook at this "link" for the latest information!

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