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Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Day in Taichung - Rainbow Village

As mentioned, Rainbow Village was the first stop we made after alighting from the High Speed Rail (HSR). It was just a 10 minutes taxi ride and I suspect if really wanted can walk also la but probably takes like an hour or so. Taxi here is all by meter so no worries of being charged excessively.

The village was previously earmarked for redevelopment, meaning the place would have been torn down. In an effort to save it, one of the villagers, an old man supposedly now in his 90's, started drawing on the walls and making the place an overnight attraction. I heard its now a protected site, but not 100% sure about this. Anyway, its colored in a hue of rainbow colors thus the name. 

Hope you will enjoy the pictures. These were taken with my Samsung Note 2 and looks great on a sunny day :)

The path leading to the village. Really colorful paintings on all surface, even the pavement is colored
 There were many tourists, and Im sure there were a bunch from HK, Singapore and Malaysia. Can listen to the way they were talking. Haha

 He even drew many characters, look out for likes of Andy Lau, Michael Jackson, etc
 I guess the only place left to paint is the roof, though I think thats a safety issue

 Checkout the details, seashells as decorative items
 The post box are not spared

 There is only 2 rows of houses, so its not exactly a huge place. But its like a mini maze. But this maze you don't feel scared as its so colorful

 Like have different people from around the world here

 See the narrow walkways between the houses. These are probably more than a hundred years old type of squatter houses

 The cat is one of the favorite characters here

 Another decorative wall
 There is even a souvenir shop here

 His use of colors is actually pretty darn good

 The L.O.V.E wall. Many couples, young and old were having their pictures taken with this section of the wall.


  1. hellosweetdessert.wordpress.comJune 21, 2015 at 6:57 AM

    nice blog.wonderful trip.wish to travel Taiwan. Yummy food there.thanks to apple introduce Tis blog. Keep it up the good work

  2. hi. Thanks for the comment and will continue to post more of our limited trips in Taiwan for sure :)