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Monday, January 28, 2013

Love is in the Air at Eastin Hotel Penang

As the theme goes, Love is in the Air at Eastin Hotel Penang. Well, can't believe that its less than 1 month away from Valentines Day and Eastin Hotel Penang is surely making an effort to ensure that those who plan to celebrate this lovey dovey day will have an enjoyable meal as well as great packages to go as well.
At the Swez Brasserie, Executive Sous Chef Daniel Tan and his team has come up with a pretty interesting menu for those that plan on dining here with many twists and improvements to well used recipes. This is to ensure diners will have an amazing dining experience which they will not forget!
Thus, do read on to see what they have to offer!

Valentines Day Dinner for 2 Person @ RM238++
Early birds who make a full payment via credit card by 1 Feb 2013 enjoys 5% discount!
Also, guests can opt to stay a night at Eastin Hotel at a complimentary rate of RM120++ only for 1 room on Valentines Day itself!

Do call Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel Penang @ 04-6121111

Sunday, January 27, 2013

SOHO and Lan Kwai Fong daytime Part 2, Hong Kong 2012

So my walk continues in this posting as there is just so many photos to share. So enjoy the photos and minimalist descriptions ya.

This place reminds me of San Francisco with its steep roads on hilly terrain

Saturday, January 26, 2013

SOHO and Lan Kwai Fong daytime Part 1, Hong Kong 2012

The previous time I was in Hong Kong, it was pretty rush as there were just so many places that were planned to visit. This time, there was no agenda, no plans, just plain having some time to chill and relax. So what better way than to walk around Central/Lan Kwai Fong area after a nice breakfast and just take in the sights and sound the place has to offer. I found out and realized that this place is just full of life and very homely actually. So do enjoy the pictures and short descriptions ya. Do give me your feedbacks of course.

I think this was Queens Street

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Yung Kee Restaurant Hong Kong 2012

Finally got to sample another famous Hong Kong restaurant and this time it is Yung Kee Restaurant located at Central. This place is famous for their roast goose and since we were there for breakfast, we had ordered their dim sum as well. When we asked for the menu, was abit surprised that the waiter just gave a piece of paper with just a small selection of items on it. When asked, they mentioned that that is all the varieties of dim sum that they have. Oh well, I guess no complaints then,
So do check out this place, I understand it also has a Michelin star, though it seems that when you are walking around Central, many stalls also have a star or two!

This is what they are famous for, roast goose! Because we were early, we got to choose the leg portion and even which leg too!

Food and Walkabout in Hong Kong 2012

Took an afternoon train to Hong Kong while I was at Guangzhou to meet up with my good friend Li Li. Had some good food and managed to walk around the place, as well as kinda getting lost with the road signs. But  anyway, the food was good as usual. We went to Qi Kee Restaurant which I also visited before in 2011 but this was of a different location. Ordered quite a number of items and it was a filling dinner. One thing I learnt is that in Hong Kong, feel free to ask for an English menu! Yes, most places, even hawkers have an English menu if you ask for it! So do read on of my night out walking about Hong Kong. Will have more in another post!

Qi Kee Restaurant's infamous Wan Ton Mee with prawn roe. I just love the texture of the noodles which is so springy and the prawn roe really gives it an additional flavor not found with local Wan Ton Mee. 

Tsuruya Japanese Restaurant @ e-Gate Penang

For those who frequent e-Gate at Penang, one will surely have seen the Japanese restaurant there called Tsuruya. This restaurant has been there for a couple of years already and commands a steady stream of regulars. They have recently released a couple of new items to their menu and I was fortunate enough to get to sample it recently. This menu is targeted for those looking for authentic Japanese snack food which are great complements for some beer or sakae! Thus, for those who like some drinks and great Japanese snacks, this is something that you can consider to try at Tsuruya. Enjoy looking through the blog post ya.

Its right next to Old Town Kopitiam at e-Gate.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Little Sheep Hot Pot, Guangzhou Food Trail 2012

I managed to have one proper dinner out of the factory I was in while in Guangzhou and we decided to have hot pot or steamboat. The place is called Little Sheep as the highlight here is lamb meat rolls to be used with the hot pot. Initially I was expecting a lamb soup/stew kind of hot pot but I guess its also like the steamboat which we get in Malaysia. So do scroll down, enjoy the photos, and my mini captions about this place. Enjoy.

Each person have their personal pot, and one can choose 1 or 2 soup base! This is mine, original clear soup as well as tomato soup. Not too bad for their soup base!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sorry to those that were re-directed

Hi Fellow readers
I would like to say sorry for those that visited the blog but got re-directed
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Xixi Chinese Restaurant, Holiday Inn Guangzhou City Centre

Right at the Holiday Inn Guangzhou City Centre where I stayed, there is actually a pretty popular Chinese Restaurant which serves some nice Dim Sum daily. Its also a good thing that there was 3 of us and thus we were able to order a number of Dim Sum as the portion of each variety is pretty big. The restaurant probably has close to 50 table and when we arrived about 7.45am it was already pretty pack but we still managed to get a seat. The ordering is via the standard piece of paper to select what you want with a tick but since I can't read, I just told the waitress what I wanted. So, do have a look and see if its different to have Dim Sum in Guangzhou than somewhere else.

This is an item I have not had before. Its actually red dates cake, and its like a jello texture. Actually did not think of ordering this but I saw so many tables having it and asks for the same thing. Its not overly sweet and you can really taste the red dates flavor in it. Also, its served warm and not cold.
Phoenix clawa. The chicken feet here is different than those in Malaysia in that the chicken feet has not been pre-fried. The ones here are stewed instead.