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Saturday, January 26, 2013

SOHO and Lan Kwai Fong daytime Part 1, Hong Kong 2012

The previous time I was in Hong Kong, it was pretty rush as there were just so many places that were planned to visit. This time, there was no agenda, no plans, just plain having some time to chill and relax. So what better way than to walk around Central/Lan Kwai Fong area after a nice breakfast and just take in the sights and sound the place has to offer. I found out and realized that this place is just full of life and very homely actually. So do enjoy the pictures and short descriptions ya. Do give me your feedbacks of course.

I think this was Queens Street

There are just so many cafes and restaurants around this area
This noodle stall actually has a Michelin star! Imagine a Wan Ton Mee with a Michelin star! The cook was friendly too. Too bad we were stuffed else I would surely order a bowl to try. I will be back
There are many side streets and alleys filled with stalls and people
I just love the many interesting signboards
Simple grocery stalls abound
A local street market selling every kind of fruits
And this corner you get dried goods
Something which I don't enjoy eating but a pleasure to photograph, Chinese wax sausages
It would seem the people of Hong Kong really like fresh cut flowers as there are so many flower stalls

My favorite orchids
A smaller vegetable stall
And you even have the fish monger here selling some of the freshest live seafood you can find
You even get live lobster in a local market. Talk about lifestyle for Hong Kong people
Geoduck, huge bamboo clams, live tiger prawns, you name it, they have it here. And the best part, it doesn't cost an arm or a leg for it
As I saw in a documentary about Hong Kong food stalls, that large pomphret there is the "LV" of fishes.
Then we meet the butcher!
More florists

As the day progresses, more people starts pouring onto the streets
Everything looks so fresh here
Cute animal hats

Some of the side streets or alleys that are really quiet

They really like these. Every grocery stall seems to have it
Well, Hong Kong is not as cold and can get really hot, so thats why you see air conditioners lining the walls

This one might freak some folks out. The goats head

Just can't help photographing all those fresh seafood. Do you notice those giant scallops?
Mini and large geoducks

Graffiti on the wall
And then you have the green stalls, you can probably make any salad you want here
Beautiful tomatoes on the vine! And just look at the choices available. Italian, Holland, Cherry, etc

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