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Monday, January 28, 2013

Love is in the Air at Eastin Hotel Penang

As the theme goes, Love is in the Air at Eastin Hotel Penang. Well, can't believe that its less than 1 month away from Valentines Day and Eastin Hotel Penang is surely making an effort to ensure that those who plan to celebrate this lovey dovey day will have an enjoyable meal as well as great packages to go as well.
At the Swez Brasserie, Executive Sous Chef Daniel Tan and his team has come up with a pretty interesting menu for those that plan on dining here with many twists and improvements to well used recipes. This is to ensure diners will have an amazing dining experience which they will not forget!
Thus, do read on to see what they have to offer!

Valentines Day Dinner for 2 Person @ RM238++
Early birds who make a full payment via credit card by 1 Feb 2013 enjoys 5% discount!
Also, guests can opt to stay a night at Eastin Hotel at a complimentary rate of RM120++ only for 1 room on Valentines Day itself!

Do call Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel Penang @ 04-6121111

The lovely table setting for Valentines Day

A glimpse of all the delectable selection of the chefs creation
To start off the meal, we have the appetizer of Duck Confit Lasagna and Lily Bulb, Spinach with Sun Dried Tomato Essence. I find this dish very appetizing and it looked great! The chef has managed to carefully layer lily bulbs, spinach and duck confit in between slices of lasagna. The combination really work very well and this is something that gets the mood going.
After the appetizer, we move on to the Seafood Consomme with Pearl Vegetables and Egg Custard. This is much milder and subdued compared to the appetizer as from the chefs perspective, we should tone it down after high. The Consomme has a fresh taste from the vegetables and the seafood. Its interesting how they made the vegetables into pearl shape and it still retains a crunchy texture.
And after the soup, we can then select a choice of mains.
First we have the Oven Roasted Sea Bass rolled with Lobster Mousse served with Spicy Sauce. I really liked this one where you get a beautiful piece of sea bass and then its stuffed with the mousse giving it an additional taste as well as moistness. The fish cooked this way really feels much better than if its just pan fried. The spicy sauce adds to the kick as any seafood needs :)
The other mains is Grilled Chicken Supreme rolled with Asparagus and Cheese served with Morels Cream Sauce. At first, I thought I read it wrong that they are making a Morels Cream Sauce but on closer inspection, its true. Wow, first time having a morel which is a kind of mushroom though its only grown wild and thus making this such a prized tasting. The sauce has a aroma that is way more flavorful than a typical mushroom sauce which is why the chef has really outdone himself. The chicken breast is also rolled with asparagus and cheese and again this keeps the chicken very moist. They have even used 3 different type of cheese in the filling and these are chosen for their flavor, creaminess and also aroma. You may also ask for extra sauce if you finished lapping it up like me.
Finally comes the dessert themed The Ingredients of "LOVE". Hehe, they are really putting in a lot of effort to keep with the theme. Now here they have came up with Spicy Mango Cheese Cake and also Deep Fried Iced Chocolate to give the diners a sweet, sour, bitter and spicy flavor to end the dessert! It is definitely very interesting to have all these contrast on a platter and I'm sure the couples will enjoy this as well

Pralines are also provided to whet the appetite before the meals or as a nice closure
An overview of all the items for the day
The chef presenting his work of art
I hope you all enjoy this writeup, and do make a date with Eastin Hotel Penang. I'm sure you will enjoy it. Oh, I almost forgot, couples will also get a surprise gift on the night (hint hint, its lovely and huggable!)