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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Food and Walkabout in Hong Kong 2012

Took an afternoon train to Hong Kong while I was at Guangzhou to meet up with my good friend Li Li. Had some good food and managed to walk around the place, as well as kinda getting lost with the road signs. But  anyway, the food was good as usual. We went to Qi Kee Restaurant which I also visited before in 2011 but this was of a different location. Ordered quite a number of items and it was a filling dinner. One thing I learnt is that in Hong Kong, feel free to ask for an English menu! Yes, most places, even hawkers have an English menu if you ask for it! So do read on of my night out walking about Hong Kong. Will have more in another post!

Qi Kee Restaurant's infamous Wan Ton Mee with prawn roe. I just love the texture of the noodles which is so springy and the prawn roe really gives it an additional flavor not found with local Wan Ton Mee. 

Thanks to Li Li for being the helpful guide!
This is pig trotters that has been braised for many hours
We also ordered a bowl of Wan Ton's. Everything to make sure not to over order
And the same crab porridge. You get a whole crab in there
There was this huge Christmas tree somewhere in Tsim Tsa Tsui and one can actually go inside where they have many video cameras filming you in a 360 degree movie style! Very interesting but I didn't go in as the queue was really long.
And the many street scenes of Hong Kong. Don't ask me where it is as I had no idea myself and just mainly walk and walk

Interesting Christmas decorations

OK, this one is at Lan Kwai Fong area before the crowd arrives

Going up to the SOHO area

A look at the quite streets of Hong Kong near SOHO

After some walking and resting, stopped for some Hong Kong dessert. This is "Suet Kak" with almond.
This is black glutinous rice with Tong Yuen! This one is served cold
Their bars are decorated so nicely. I guess competition is great

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