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Thursday, June 2, 2011

De Title Dining Cabin

Lorong Selamat at Penang is no doubt famous for its hawker food, but since December 2010, there is a new place to get some delicious which is at De Title Dining Cabin. One will easily spot this restaurant as its painted in a bright purple and its a standalone heritage building that is very unique. The owners, have decorated this whole place on their own, and on closer inspection, even every window pane is handcrafted and different.
According to the owners, this place is called De Title as it means that there is no food that can't be prepared. Sounds interesting right? So read on ya.
On entering the restaurant, one will be greeted by large and small tables all decked out with high back chairs. Classic indeed. The decor is modern chic and even the interiors are purple as it gives a more relax and romantic mood. Many lovely decors adorn the place with blings all over. Hhehe. As one moves to the back, this is where there is a mini buffet spread which one can have by just doing an add on to their meals. Here one can have unlimited drinks, soup, biscuits, bread and even desserts like ice cream and home made jelly. They believe in going green with the idea that you eat how much you can and not waste the food. This is surely a great way moving forward, great food with thoughts about the environment as well.
Then there is a staircase leading to the upper floor. The purple wall here is decorated with many colorful photo frames, which is nice and interesting. The room above can be booked for functions or gatherings and can fit 15-20 person easily. Not bad :)
Now on to the food ya. Well, they specialize in local, western and some italian mix. So its pretty interesting to note that they try their best to present the food as original as they can.
On the menu today, I first tried their free flow mushroom soup. I have to say, this creamy mushroom soup is pretty good. The flavor is strong and they also put quite alot of blended mushrooms in it. They also prepare a jar of their toasted bread (croutons) and you can add in as much as you like! Sweet move, and to top it off, a few twist of the pepper grinder and voila, a very delightful mushroom soup.
Next that we got to try was their chicken ham pizza. When it first arrived, it looked very appetizing as it had a thin crust. Then there is a good amount of cheese all melted so lovely over the pizza. On biting into it, it was juicy with tomato paste and the chicken ham. More surprisingly was the crust. It resembled a thick crispy roti canai! Its really a nice pizza to snack on.
Then I got to try their cheese bake rice and also cheese bake pasta. The one with rice comes with pieces of chicken in a cream sauce underneath the cheese. As for the pasta, it was all covered in tomato sauce and this is a vegetarian version. I would say, I thought it was ala Kim Gary, hehe, but they have their unique taste to it and good thing that they are not stingy with the cheese.
After the cheese bake, we got to sample their noodle menu. The first to arrive was their stir fried seafood oriental. Udon noodles were used and it comes with various seafood condiments. Not too bad, slightly spicy taste to it. As we move along, up pops a plate of their Pasta Aglio Olio which is also vegetarian. It has mushrooms, corn and and seasoned with chili flakes and olive oil. This was probably the only dish which I felt let me down for the day. The spaghetti was very dry, and there wasn't much flavoring other than the chili flakes. Hopefully this one can be improved upon which I'm sure the chef will.
Next up were the more hearty meals of their grilled chicken and also their fried crunchy chicken. The chicken drumstick is used and its first deboned. For the grilled version, the chicken is grilled nicely and then its served on top of mashed potatoes with coleslaw at the side. There are a few sauce that is available, namely butter garlic & spicy BBQ. Very interesting sauces to try. For the fried crunchy chicken, this firstly reminded me of KFC's hot and spicy with the batter coating on the chicken! But its way crunchier than what KFC has. I kind of like this chicken and one can also choose the many different sauces available.
Besides chicken, they also have fish instead, cooked in a similar grilled or deep fried. I have to say I preferred the chicken as I felt the cooking method suites it better and gave it more flavor.
As for dessert, we were served their signature Angels and Demon (I hope I got this right) and its their version of a chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream. This was really good, and the chocolate is very thick, just nice to go with the cold vanilla ice cream.
For those who likes to try new places, new food with a great ambience, do give De Title Dining Cabin a try. According to the owners, you can even request for your very special customize menu if you so desire. So don't hesitate and give this place a try.
Address : No 97, Lorong Selamat 10400 Georgetown Penang, Malaysia.
Opens daily except Wednesdays, 12noon-3pm, 6pm-9pm
Map of Lorong Selamat :
The restaurants exterior - can't miss it
Their lovely decor
The Enjoy Corner
Homemade Jelly
Mural on the floor! How creative.
Wall o frames!
Mushroom soup with croutons
Chicken Ham pizza on special crust
Cheese bake rice and pasta
Stir Fried Spaghetti Seafood Oriental
Pasta Aglio Olio
Grilled and Deep Fried Chicken

Grilled and Deep Fried Fish Fillet
Dessert : Angels & Demons
The 2 owners cum chefs!


  1. That was very well thought write up! Great work!

  2. Thanks Vin. Couldn't have gotten to write about them without your invite!

  3. New menu with valued price was launched on April 2012. Nice to taste:)

  4. Erm, looks like the food in Detitle Dinning Cabin very nice and yummy :) Ho, thanks for giving us such a nice review as well with photos. Thank you. :)