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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tasik Beris Grape Farm

Many have wondered, is grapes really a viable crop in Malaysia, with its hot and humid weather? Well, at Tasik Beris, the Tasik Beris Grape Farm is a showcase farm that is to let Malaysians have a glimpse at how grape farming can be a sustainable venture in Malaysia. Initially, I thought that this farm right next to Beris Lake was the actual farm but after driving around Lake Beris, I found out that this is actually just the showcase farm and that the actual mass production grape vineyards are located further away, covering tracts of hilly land that surrounds this man made lake. There are 2 types of grape variety that is grown here and I call it green and red. From what I can see, these are the main types and even within the colors, they have different shapes and sizes among the species. Read on to see more

43 Cafe ~ Homemade Pork Burgers and More!

Penang has been bustling with new addition to the food scene and that is music to my ears for a food lover like me. Well, about a couple of months back, a prominent food blogger decided that he will venture into making one feisty pork burger as he believes that this is one of the burgers that is lacking in Penang, not to mention the whole of Malaysia. The owner is none other than Jacgy Chan and he has since start up shop in his own backyard (or front) and is making waves in the porkie burger scene! So do read on to find out more about what is available from this guy at 43 Cafe.