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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The All New Gartien Pineapple Cake with Uji Matcha Pastry

I'm sure many of the readers would know that I have written about Gartien's Pineapple Cake before here and their many special editions. Well, most of those are related to new packaging and tweaking of flavors but now, after years of experimenting, Gartien has finally brought a new flavor to the market. Available from 1st of July 2015, and priced at RM36 per box, Gartien is now introducing a Pineapple Cake using premium imported Uji Matcha that is incorporated into their delicate pastry.

The result, a mild flavored green tea blended with the delicate taste of the pineapple inside. As their pineapple cakes always paired well with tea, this is now an even closer blend for the combination. As they are only using the best and freshest ingredients, its always a safe choice to grab a box as a gift or just to savour it at home :)

Do check out their new pineapple cake pictures below

Hmm, maybe my cameras white balance is abit off today
 Their signature individual packs all lined up neatly
 Adorning their new box is a hand drawn image
 Yummy pineapple cakes
 This is one unique packaging which you will be thinking of keeping

 And finally the pineapple cake revealed
 Notice the slight green tint on the pastry
 Its still as succulent as ever and the hint of Uji Matcha gives it an added taste

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