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Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Day in Taichung - Lunch at a simple coffee shop called OEC

So what do we do after Rainbow Village? Well, look for food of course
In Taiwan, there is bound to be some place to eat close by as long as there are people staying nearby and thus, we decided to walk to the nearest bus stop that will go to the city. Google maps is really a wonderful must have and it easily guided us there with all the correct bus numbers and time table too.

We decided to walk to Zhongyong Road which is like a 15 minutes walk. On the way to the bus stop, we spotted a placed called OEC and since with baby in tow, and not crowded, we decided to stop for lunch here. Most of the items on the menu are sets, meaning it comes with a drink or sides orsoup. As we were hungry we ordered abit more for 2 person, but this being the outskirts of Taichung, the prices were very affordable.

We had dumplings, a plate of fried noodles and a pork rice set all for about NTD160. In Taipei, something like this probably cost about NTD250. So do checkout my yummy lunch at Taichung below.

10 boiled dumplings. You have the option of boiled or pan fried ones. It even comes with a mug of cream soup free. Good value for money.

Outside the cafe, there was a Vespa park there. We were sitting on the table outside as it was more comfortable being outside and it was a cool day
The sign for the cafe. OEC is says. Don't ask me what the rest says as Im word blind too
Ordered a plate of pork fried noodles. Was surprised by the size of the plate of noodles. It tasted good and comes with a free cup of tea
Wife ordered a pork slice rice set. Hmm, not many pieces of pork but hey, you get a free soup, and 3 side dish, which was very generous in size. It was also tasty too and again, very good value for money
See all the food we had on the table for 2 pax. There was a free cup of soup with every order and our drinks were not even in this picture all for NTD160. Super worth it and most importantly it was tasty. If I stumble upon this place again, I will surely have lunch there again. But me being me, there are also many other shops around here and I believe its priced competitively as there is a University just close by meaning lots of students here.

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