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Friday, September 30, 2011

Kafe Soul Kitchen Trattoria ~ not to be miss

I have been to Soul Kitchen for so many times but have always missed out on writing more about this place. I have recommended this place to so many people that I guess I must take some time to finally pen it down. This place is started by Tonio and Michele since mid of 2010 and I guess their popularity has only continued to increase over time. Tonio is from Germany and Michele, KL, and they have decided to bring a little bit of their love and start Soul Kitchen. As you enter this place, or decide to sit outside, I guess you will feel at ease and relax, as they are one of the friendliest of people.
You can just bum around, order some drinks, or if you are hungry, grab some of their very good food. What I like about this place is that almost everything here is self made or of their secret recipe :) And you can see alot of effort goes into preparing it with fine details on every dish served.
On this night, I was there with my family and since we stop by after dinner, we just had their fruit yogurt, a slice of moist chocolate cake and a cup of Latte (coffee with milk). But I did get to take some additional pictures of some of their all time favorite food. But my main goal was not within my grasp tonight, which is their infamous Tiramisu. All I can say is that, in all my many experience eating Tiramisu, I think this is the place that makes it the best. Other than the one which I wrote about while in Copenhagen, Soul Kitchen without a doubt is a place to go to experience what a good Tiramisu is to be. But do be prepared to go early, or it might be sold out, as is the case for me tonight. But I will be back for sure! And then I will write again on it. Enjoy the below ya.

Kafe Soul Kitchen Trattoria
102 Muntri Street
10200, Penang Malaysia
Opens daily from 10.00am-2.30pm and 6.30pm-9.00pm
Phone : +604-2613118

This is how Soul Kitchen looks like at night. Don't think there are many pictures of this place at night so here it is.
 The fruitty yogurt. Lots of fresh fruits and their home made yogurt. My daughter loved it. So does my wife.
Some other guest there ordered their mushroom pizza. Doesn't it just looks yummy with the very generous helping of mushrooms and cheese? Also the thin crust makes this even better to have.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bora Bora by Sunset, Great Place, Great Food

Who would have thought that there is a quaint special place in Batu Ferringhi that is reminiscent of that of Bali or some far away exotic island? Well, that place is non other than Bora Bora! This cafe/bar/restaurant, is located at the popular stretch of Batu Ferringhi just next to The Ship and Tarbush. The place has both an indoor and outdoor seating area which is great as that mean rain or shine, you can have an enjoyable time here. Was lucky that I got to sample their upcoming October promotion which is quite a deal. 

For their October 2011 promotion, for only RM36, you can get the below :

Wild Mushroom Soup 
Bora Bora Papadum with Salsa Sauce

Mains :
Spaghetti Fettucine with Chicken and Wild Mushroom Ragu 
Vietnamese Noodle Soup with Beedf/Chicken and Prawns
Grilled White Fish with Citrus Lemon Butter Sauce
Stir Fried Beef or Chicken served with Rice, Salad, Papadum and Egg

Dessert :
One Scoop Ice Cream

Drinks :
Ice Peach Tea or Ice Lemon Tea

So read on to find out more about this place ya!

Address : 
Lot 415, Jalan Batu Ferringhi, 11100, Penang, Malaysia
Operating hours :
Sun-Thurs : 12Noon - 1.00am
Fri, Sat & Eve of Public Holiday : 12Noon - 3.00am
GPS : N5.47447 E100.24811
Phone : +6012-553-1313

The sign on the beach pointing to this place!
Spaghetti Fettucine with Chicken and Wild Mushroom Ragu
Vietnamese Noodle Soup with Beedf/Chicken and Prawns

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Join the chance to win an iPhone 5

Many of you might not believe it but its true, there is such thing as being in the running to win an iPhone 5. Yes, its not some old version from the colorful fruit company but its the latest shiny new toy that is about to be launched.
The opportunity is ever so simple. All you need to do is join the contest from and follow the steps below and you are on your way for the running to win this! Honestly, if it wasn't for my good friend, I would rather keep this a secret to enhance my chances of winning, but, I guess sharing is more enjoyable right?
So check this out and all the best! I can't wait for the winner to be announced!

Rules and purpose!

  • Purpose of the contest is to encourage people share their experience about Penang Foods.
  • 2 Steps to win iPhone 5

  • Once done, you will automatically to entitle for the draw
  • The iPhone5 is expected to be announce in end September while release in the U.S. in early Oct. So the prize is for real. Don't worry!!!
  • Sunday, September 11, 2011

    Sushi Kitchen, A very different sushi experience

    I'm sure many have heard of Sushi Kitchen which is one of the only few (if not only) vegetarian sushi restaurants in Malaysia. Yes that is correct, all the food servings on the menu here are purely vegetarian. The owners here are very environmental conscious and have travelled the world on their cycling trips. They have also been featured in various papers and TV programmes (I saw them being featured on Astro recently).

    The restaurant is located in Sungai Ara, Bayan Lepas on the second storey of a shoplot. Its not easily seen as its really low key. But fret not, I have wrote the locations here below later. One will need to ring the door bell before the door opens. So do read on for my wonderful experience in Sushi Kitchen. If you do go there, I'm sure you will too!

    Location : 5.324973,100.271294
    Address : 2A-1 Jalan Sg Ara, Desa Ara, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang
    Tel : +6012-591-3311, +6017-465-6821

    This is the shop exterior. Its on the upper floor
     Press the door bell ya on the right
     Greeted by the flight of stairs. It's filled with messages from friends and customers. You are welcome to leave one too!

    Food on Thai Airways - Copenhagen to Bangkok, Bangkok to KL

    So posting the last leg of my trip
    This is the food served on my flight as I was on my way back!
    The food was ok, but the inflight entertainment was a real disappointment. Also, there was hardly any in between meals and even that was limited to instant noodles that was meant for breakfast :(

    It started great with the chicken satay sticks. Too bad only got 2 sticks and not many extras available 
     Appetizer to the main meal. Some shrimp, pasta, salad and asparagus. Looking good so far
     A better look at the pasta. This is a cold dish

    Saturday, September 10, 2011

    Photos Publish in The Star for Penang Heritage Day

    Well,last year I was one of the photographers who contributed to the Penang Heritage Day organizers and I was very happy to know that many of my photos were used for this years promotion. I was even happier when The Star featured my photo on a full page!

    Italiano Restaurant, Another Italian food place in Copenhagen

    What a surprise that on the last night that we were in Copenhagen, we ended up eating at another Italian restaurant. Well, I guess its not a bad thing and the fact that this place was packed, we thought it should be good. Well, no complaints about the ambience or food. Its was a really lovely place with many flowers and all, and the food is still way better than those found in Malaysia.

    The colorful pots of flower hanging basket
     Big sunflower
     Our waiter who greeted us. It was abit slow for the service as there was just so many people

    Photos around Copenhagen

    This is a collection of random pictures while I had the chance to walk around Copenhagen. I was fortunate also to be there during the longest day of the year in Denmark which is the Summer Solstice. On this day, they will have a bon fire as they are suppose by legend to burn a witch. Heheh, no witches today but everyone just gather around for a good time and getting jolly. We went to Nyhavn where there was a pretty huge bon fire right at the middle of the canal. Good experience!

    POST Box in bright red
     Thats a wind mill for power generation!
     This is one of the most unique hotels I have ever seen. Too bad not staying there

    Thursday, September 8, 2011

    Restorante Il Peccato, a must try Italian Restaurant in Copenhagen

    This is probably one of the best Italian restaurants I have had the opportunity to dine in before. Its located in the heart of Copenhagen. Its at a corner lot and there are also lots of seating area out front. Just look at the photos below and you can start drooling.

    The facade of the restaurant. Simple nice wood decals
     The inside semi open kitchen

    Random People Photos in Copenhagen

    These are some random pictures of people shots taken while in Copenhagen. No offence to anyone ya. Enjoy.

    Graduating students

     On the phone