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Friday, September 30, 2011

Kafe Soul Kitchen Trattoria ~ not to be miss

I have been to Soul Kitchen for so many times but have always missed out on writing more about this place. I have recommended this place to so many people that I guess I must take some time to finally pen it down. This place is started by Tonio and Michele since mid of 2010 and I guess their popularity has only continued to increase over time. Tonio is from Germany and Michele, KL, and they have decided to bring a little bit of their love and start Soul Kitchen. As you enter this place, or decide to sit outside, I guess you will feel at ease and relax, as they are one of the friendliest of people.
You can just bum around, order some drinks, or if you are hungry, grab some of their very good food. What I like about this place is that almost everything here is self made or of their secret recipe :) And you can see alot of effort goes into preparing it with fine details on every dish served.
On this night, I was there with my family and since we stop by after dinner, we just had their fruit yogurt, a slice of moist chocolate cake and a cup of Latte (coffee with milk). But I did get to take some additional pictures of some of their all time favorite food. But my main goal was not within my grasp tonight, which is their infamous Tiramisu. All I can say is that, in all my many experience eating Tiramisu, I think this is the place that makes it the best. Other than the one which I wrote about while in Copenhagen, Soul Kitchen without a doubt is a place to go to experience what a good Tiramisu is to be. But do be prepared to go early, or it might be sold out, as is the case for me tonight. But I will be back for sure! And then I will write again on it. Enjoy the below ya.

Kafe Soul Kitchen Trattoria
102 Muntri Street
10200, Penang Malaysia
Opens daily from 10.00am-2.30pm and 6.30pm-9.00pm
Phone : +604-2613118

This is how Soul Kitchen looks like at night. Don't think there are many pictures of this place at night so here it is.
 The fruitty yogurt. Lots of fresh fruits and their home made yogurt. My daughter loved it. So does my wife.
Some other guest there ordered their mushroom pizza. Doesn't it just looks yummy with the very generous helping of mushrooms and cheese? Also the thin crust makes this even better to have.

Inside Soul Kitchen. Lovely ambience. Great to chat and dine with your buddies or love ones

Making things greener I guess :)

Their noted hanger. Whats on the next photo?
Hehe, thats them walking down the aisle.
 More pictures of the fruitty yogurt.
 Just look at all the pieces in there
 Yeah, the pizza is not round... I know
 This is another must try. Their lasagna. Just look at that meat sauce and cheese topping!

 And so, I got thirsty and needed a drink. Some shiny machine this is

 Yeap, freshly grounded Brazilian beans for your drinking pleasure!
 And thats Tonio getting a cuppa ready. Think he was making an espresso
 And Michele making my Latte!
 And there it is with some chocolate powder on top. I think its chocolate :) Just smell the aroma and the frothy milk on top
 Some sugar? I drank more than half the cup without and then tried abit of sugar. I think just abit of sugar is good but not too much!
 Yum yum.
 Moist chocolate cake. After they cut a slice, its blow torch to melt the surface.
 See the shiny texture? Thats the part the blow torch it. Just makes the chocolate melts and melts again when its in the mouth!
 A final shot of their love place. Do check out this place!

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