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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Photos around Copenhagen

This is a collection of random pictures while I had the chance to walk around Copenhagen. I was fortunate also to be there during the longest day of the year in Denmark which is the Summer Solstice. On this day, they will have a bon fire as they are suppose by legend to burn a witch. Heheh, no witches today but everyone just gather around for a good time and getting jolly. We went to Nyhavn where there was a pretty huge bon fire right at the middle of the canal. Good experience!

POST Box in bright red
 Thats a wind mill for power generation!
 This is one of the most unique hotels I have ever seen. Too bad not staying there

 What do you notice about this traffic light? See the smaller one on the right? Its actually for bicycles!
 Mini pumpkins
 We went shopping and my colleagues were hunting for Longchamp bags for their ladies!
 This is suppose to be the tallest man in the world
 I just love these mini toys and the red background

 An open courtyard restaurant

 View through the gates
 Streets of Stroget

 This is the BR toy store. Heard its now bought by Toy R US
 There was an open photo exhibition on the street of the town
 Many different buildings

 This is a street which I stumbled upon which I absolutely love. Just look at the design of the buildings and the colors! Excellent!

 Getting late into the evening

 And the lovely colors in the sky

 Ah and here we are at Nyhavn. The bon fire has started
 Look at the crowd

 The fire was really big. You can feel the heat from the banks of the canal

 The crowd just packed the streets
 Thats where we had lunch before

 As the sun kind of sets

 Love these scenes

 Start to head home after the bon fire. Well the fire continued but we were tired so head back
 Scenes of Magasin at night

 In the subway train
 And thats the hotel I stayed. Radisson Blu
 Flowers outside the hotel the next morning before leaving for home

 We took the train to do some last minute shopping

 My breakfast. Coffee and some muffins
 More bags

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