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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Claypot Bak Kut Teh at Teluk Bayan Foodcourt Penang

Was pleasantly surprise to get to know that there is now another new Bak Kut Teh flavor or player at Penang now. With so many types of Bak Kut Teh but none that matches any of the famous ones, its nice to be able to try one that boast a rich history. Well, the story about this owner is that he grew up helping his mom selling Bak Kut Teh in Sitiawan and the stall in Sitiawan has now been operating for like 30 years now. No he has not worked 30 years but has been chopping and dicing up meat portions since the time that he was tall enough to hold the cleaver steady. So here we have now in Penang, a Bak Kut Teh that brings to you the flavors of this meat dish all the way from Sitiawan! Read on

Just look at the nice juicy pieces of meat!
How the stall looks like. As you can see, they haven't even got the signboard done

Gee Seng Seafood at Bukit Tambun

How times has changed since I last had dinner at Bukit Tambun which is a fishing village located near Juru. I have been to this place ever since I step foot in Penang and it used to be a place to get high quality seafood at a very affordable price. Well, I would say that fresh seafood is still in abundance here with the many seafood restaurants located here but the price has definitely gone up. I guess we just can't escape inflation right? I guess for the same amount of money, we can surely get similar or better food on the island and moreover, the traffic here is really terrible as there is only 1 road in and out of this place.
Here, as you drive towards Bukit Tambun town, just keep driving in on the road and you will reach till the road ends and on the right you will see Gee Seng Seafood. Its such a big place that you can't miss it. Enjoy the photos ya!

The first dish to arrive. Even though the place was packed, but the food was out of the kitchen really fast. I guess they have many cooks here. The fried noodles were rather bland and was just fried with some bean sprouts, egg and dried shrimp. Not too bad as a starter to fill the hungry stomach first.
The satay was equally fast. The size was pretty reasonable and this one also has the sauce on the meat while its cooked already. I'm wondering if this is a Penang thing with satay being made this way? Saves one the hassle to dip it in sauce but I do miss a good helping of Kajang Satay!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Yong Pin Restaurant for Dim Sum

My friend Nicholas and I stumbled upon this place while we were looking for a place for some food and drinks in town. At first thought of going to Tai Tung but saw this and decided to give it a try. Well, when we arrived, there were already a few tables occupied and as time went by, the place just kept getting more crowded. After having the food here, I can now understand why. The Dim Sum here is served at night and till almost midnight. Besides Dim Sum, they also served noodles though on that night, I did not try any but from the many orders from other tables, it sure looked delicious. So my writeup for this entry would be only about their Dim Sum ya. Do leave comments too. As a note, their Dim Sum is really afford-ably priced and well worth the money! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that they are located along Jalan Sungai Ujong which is same road as Cintra Street! Go google the address!

Yam puff or Wu Kok in Cantonese. The yam paste is use to wrap a mixture of pork and vegetables and then deep fried. The skin was soft and flaky and the filling was very well flavored. 
Fried prawn fritters with Mayonaise. The prawn fritters were very crispy with lots of bits of prawns in it

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kam Boat Chinese Cuisine at Shaw Parade Singapore 2011

When I was in Singapore, happened to stop by a Chinese restaurant which was very near the hotel that I stayed at. This place was called Kam Boat Chinese Cuisine and its located inside Shaw Parade. This place is famous for its roasted pork belly and sure enough, this was ordered and we were not disappointed.
So do keep scrolling down and enjoy my little adventure at this restaurant!

Just look at those pieces of prime roasted pork belly! You can see the nice layers of skin, fat, meat, fat and meat! It was heavenly delicious with a very crispy skin and a well marinated meat that was very flavorful.
Their exterior of the restaurant

Disney On Ice at PISA, Penang 2012

After so many years of seeing posters of Disney on Ice, this year finally bought tickets to go there with my family. I guess Mya should be old enough to recognize some characters like Mickey, Minnie and Pluto, but I guess she spent more time eating :p
So we got the lowest price tickets, which was still RM68 each and the seating was at the highest tier level in PISA. But its not that bad, you still get an unblocked view of the show as PISA has staircase type seating! So, as we were there about 3.45pm (the show starts at 4.30pm), we managed to pick a pretty good spot for the seats. All the characters from Disney was there, which was really nice to see (well I think most of them were) and they had different costumes and themes throughout. The show has 2 parts, and in the middle, they have an intermission or rest time in which the skating ring was resprayed with a new layer and and chinks in the ice fixed up. Very professionally run and all in all, the show was about 1hour 45 mins long. Well worth it for the kids and parents alike! Go enjoy this.

And the show begins!
The rather simple backdrop

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hong Kong Street Sum Kee at Singapore 2011

I was brought to this place for dinner by my cousins and what I truly like about Singapores Chu Char is their love for fish heads. I mean, over here, one can get a very affordable fish head for only 12-13 Singapore dollars and this is also fresh carp. So since we had a big table for the night, we actually had 2 varieties of fish head. 
And Hong Kong Street Sum Kee is one such place that serves some very good chu char at affordable prices. For those that are in Singapore, this is a place where you can bring your family and have some really awesome food.
Read on.
Their menu
 How the place looks like. Simple and clean but do notice that theyhave quite a large kitchen.

Universal Studio at Sentosa Singapore

Went to Universal Studio mid of 2011 and it was a really fun trip with my wife there. We didn't expect much but of course with the ticket price, was also secretly hoping for lots! So we went to Vivo City which is a huge shopping complex via the MRT (Singapore most major places are connected via their trains) and then its a monorail ride till we reach the Water Front Station which is where Universal Studio as well as Resort World Genting Casino is also located. This place is pretty massive and the good thing is that for the casino part of things, its all shaded thus you can come rain or shine. Thats not to be said of Universal Studio though, as its huge size and open theme park will not be much fun of it decides to rain.
Anyway, do check out my photos here and as to my knowledge, there is now a Transformers ride which I heard is really good!

The infamous Universal globe
Sentosa Station at Vivo City
The Monorail

Friday, March 2, 2012

Swez Brasserie Buffet Lunch at Eastin Hotel Penang

It happened that there was a training session which was held at Eastin Hotel Penang today and lunch was held at the Swez Brasserie. I understood from fellow bloggers that they were having a Vietnamese themed menu and I guess I was pretty lucky to get to try it first hand. Now, this is the first time that I have actually ate at Eastin Hotel and prior to this, has always been with the feedback that the spread was not up to par. But I guess that is why I was truly surprised that the food that I got to eat today was very satisfying. For RM48++ for lunch, I feel that its good value for money and I also understand Maybank cardholders get 15% discount too. With this said, do have a look at some of the photos and feel free to leave a comment. Hope you all give this place a try ya!

The desserts spread! There is a good choice of cakes as well as local nyonya kuih and fruits
The row of fried and cooked dishes all lined up

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Uncle Zack by The Beach @ PARKROYAL Hotel Penang

Fancy having a romantic dinner by the beach? Always thought that its only so so food which you can get? Well, I found this place, Uncle Zack by The Beach which is one of the food outlets in PARKROYAL Hotel Penang to be pretty cool. Well, actually to phrase it better, it should be a romantic place. I was there with my wife Apple and I must say, this is probably as close to the beach without getting sand in your feet to have a fantastic dinner with a sunset that will melt any heart away. From this month (March 2012) onwards, I understand that there will be a buffet and BBQ daily on the weekdays here which is pretty neat. The selection for the buffet is a mix of local and western cuisine with a full salad bar and desserts as well. The BBQ is a delight and they even have wagyu beef. So do read or feast your eyes on this place

Enjoying the sunset