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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kam Boat Chinese Cuisine at Shaw Parade Singapore 2011

When I was in Singapore, happened to stop by a Chinese restaurant which was very near the hotel that I stayed at. This place was called Kam Boat Chinese Cuisine and its located inside Shaw Parade. This place is famous for its roasted pork belly and sure enough, this was ordered and we were not disappointed.
So do keep scrolling down and enjoy my little adventure at this restaurant!

Just look at those pieces of prime roasted pork belly! You can see the nice layers of skin, fat, meat, fat and meat! It was heavenly delicious with a very crispy skin and a well marinated meat that was very flavorful.
Their exterior of the restaurant

This was double boiled soup with fish maw! Another one that helps to open the appetite. It comes in a very nice bowl

That is the fish maw and also the bamboo fungus!
Fried large scallops with asparagus

Steam Soon Hock with superior soy sauce! The meat was just so tender and firm and also smooth! This is one fish which you can't go wrong with
Fish staring at ya
Even have fresh fish egg
Claypot prawns with vermicelli. The prawns was very fresh and the sauce mixed very evenly into the noodles
And finally dessert. I think this was almond with egg white

Mango with sago! This was served cold and was so refreshing