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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Uncle Zack by The Beach @ PARKROYAL Hotel Penang

Fancy having a romantic dinner by the beach? Always thought that its only so so food which you can get? Well, I found this place, Uncle Zack by The Beach which is one of the food outlets in PARKROYAL Hotel Penang to be pretty cool. Well, actually to phrase it better, it should be a romantic place. I was there with my wife Apple and I must say, this is probably as close to the beach without getting sand in your feet to have a fantastic dinner with a sunset that will melt any heart away. From this month (March 2012) onwards, I understand that there will be a buffet and BBQ daily on the weekdays here which is pretty neat. The selection for the buffet is a mix of local and western cuisine with a full salad bar and desserts as well. The BBQ is a delight and they even have wagyu beef. So do read or feast your eyes on this place

Enjoying the sunset

Romantic getaway
Now in no particular order, here comes the food. Start with desserts? An assortment of cakes, fruits and puffs are available. I love the jackfruit!

The salad bar on ice.
The chef making fresh satay. Its some mean looking chicken satay
The many food varieties available by the beach
Yes, there was lobsters also. Eat as much as you possibly can

I just love the color of the corn in cream
Yum yum satay! Thick skewers of meat here!
How it looks like to have dinner with the sunset in the background!
And our meals for the night

Grilled items. Mussels, scallops, salmon its all available
As the night darkens, it gets cosier. Now I would like to stress that it was really pleasant to be sitting there. At first we were worried that there would be mosquitos and all but was pleasantly surprised that we didnt get a single bite. I understand that they have good pest control here so thats good news!
The buffet at night
Round 2 or is this 3?
The grilled lamb and wagyu beef! OK, I added the garnishing on my own to make the photo more lively
To pump it up a notch, they even have their in house stroller who comes along and sings your favorite tune! Love it
The grill section at night
They also have a cooked chicken ham which was nice!
There is my ham and a couple more slices of grilled salmon extra crispy
And finally my dessert of ice cream and fruits