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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Day in Taichung, Taiwan - Overview

Well, irony is that we only got to visit Taichung when we were about to return to Malaysia. But anyway, from Taipei, its really very very easy to get there. Just head to the Taipei main train station, where you can get there via MRT buy a ticket from the vending machine for the ticket and off you go. It only takes about 45 mins to reach Taichung and there is also 2 options, one is the express train which do not stop at all stations while the other takes slightly longer. There is alot of trains and I believe during peak hours its up to every 10-15minutes.

So off we went and the first place we visited, which is like a 10 minutes taxi ride from the Taichung HSR station is Rainbow Village. Imagine my disappointment when I realize that my cameras SD card was not in the camera!! I screamed in pain. 

Well, thus handphone pictures had to do but thankfully it was a sunny day and all pictures turned out alright.
Our rough itinary for the day as below

1. Rainbow Village
2. Lunch
3. Taichung Central - Various places
4. Feng Chia Night Market

Below is a preview as there are too many photos to put into 1 page so I will split them up. Hope you like them

Rainbow Village

 Taichung Central
 At the museum
 And of course, Feng Chia night market


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