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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Under Big Tree Ipoh Yong Tau Foo

Even though I been to Ipoh so many times in my life, but only recently did I went to this infamous Yong Tau Foo place which is called under the big tree. Its located at Pasir Pinji and I have its GPS coordinates as below. The stall is open from morning till late lunch I believe as on that day that I went, it was already about lunch time and there were many many people queuing already and feasting on the Yong Tau Foo.
There is a sort of food court here and its all nicely shaded so you do not have to worry if its sunny or raining which is good to know. The foodcourt here is famous for its blended red bean slurpie but I was craving for some coffee that day so thats what I got. Nothing beats some nice Ipoh coffee.

So what is good here? Well, of course its the Yong Tau Foo but some of the pieces are more unique than others but the best part is that you can choose what you like and they will then serve it with the noodles of your choice. There was also Asam Laksa as an option and that was what I opted. I believe there is also curry and plain soup as well as Kon Lou (dry version). Among the piece of Yong Tau Foo, the one that stands out were the fried sweet turnip (sengkuang) or Sah Kok in Cantonese were really nice and its a big fat piece too. The combination of the turnips and the mix to hold it together worked very well and it tasted even better after its been soaked in the soup.
I also ordered the fried upside down tau po4.582318,101.085805k as well as a piece of stuffed bitter gourd to test them out as I find that its never easy to make a nice stuffed bitter gourd. I give them high marks as they steamed and then fried the bitter gourd and this makes it taste nice indeed. As for the laksa, as I side dish to the Yong Tau Foo, it passes off well and of course don't expect tonnes of fish meat or things like that but I was surprised that it was able to carry itself quite well too. Overall, a good eating experience here and highly recommended to try it out.
Location : Jalan King, Taman Hoover, Ipoh, Perak. Phone : +6012-524-5408
GPS : N4.582318, E101.085805

The foodcourt is quite spacious
But its still packed
Queue up, the queue looks long but it moves pretty fast
Taking the order
So many types to choose from
 Finally my turn
Don't worry if some items are not there. They constantly make more and replenish the selection unless its near closing time ya
The fried stuff, just can't go wrong with them
My final loot of the day. 6 pieces in total. And I think its about RM0.80 per piece but its well worth it as the pieces are big and juicy
 The laksa looks pretty awesome too as a complement noodle
 Another view. Looking at this makes me hungry too
 Its actually quite worth it as the portion is good for the price!

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