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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Shaw's Crab House ~ Schaumburg, Chicago

So, with limited time I had in Schaumburg, what should I have for dinner? Well, what better way than to search Google and get some hints right? Well, I wanted to taste some good food of course and stumbled upon this place called Shaw's Crab House. Well, the first thing I thought would be it would be great for crabs, but upon looking at the menu, golly, it was mightily expensive!
So, I ended up there during their happy hour where oysters were going at half price, and I ended up ordering 1 dozen. Sadly, well to my disappointment, the oysters were tiny! Yes, the bucket of ice which it was served on was huge but they oysters were tiny. I was told that it was going to be small and these were sweeter or on sale, can't remember which it was, but you don't even get a decent bite out of it. Well, so much for that.
I also ended up ordering a salmon fillet served with some asparagus. This was pretty decent, but again, as a main meal, you really are half full. With that, I proceeded to order a seafood gumbo though this was pretty decent with lots of bits of seafood in there, it was abit watery to my liking. But then again, I haven't had much gumbo before but thats just me. Thus for me, Shaw's Crab House has the ambiance and all, but the value for money is just not there. They do have some oyster day special where the oysters are like 0.50 cents each but you need to check their website or Facebook often to see when it is.
Well, do check out the photos, and as always, leave a comment if you have been to this place ya.

The 2 bucket of oysters, well should say bucket of ice with oysters on top
A view of the interior

They do serve these warm buns that is sprinkled with some herbs which are pretty good for some starters I guess!
Close up of the oysters. See how tiny the actual meat of the oyster is? If I were the restaurant and after shucking the oyster and seeing this, I would rather not serve it.
Even though all the oysters were small, but see, at least this one has some meat to it and you can therefore actually taste the oyster
All in all, I think I ordered 2 types of oyster, though I can't remember which is which
This is the Gumbo, its pretty filling and comes with lots of bits of seafood, namely bits of salmon and some clams. If it was thicker in texture, then perfect for me
And my grilled salmon. Frankly for over USD20, its kind of expensive when its not a big piece of fish and its just some pieces of asparagus. Not sure the other bits is it mushroom already, but overall, the fish was OK for taste just not value for money.

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