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Thursday, June 13, 2013

H-Artistry Penang 2013 ~ What a Night!

About 2 weeks ago, one of the most happening party took place in Penang and it was none other than the H-Artistry @ SPICE. For the past few years, H-Artistry has taken place in Penang and Kuala Lumpur but for 2013, the start of the H-Artistry series took the party crowd up a notch by hosting this "Invite" only event at a much larger venue.
For the night, there were over 2000 party revellers who partied away with H-Artistry artist from around the globe. There were 24 HERBS from Hong Kong, Andy Murphy from Australia and Singapore's hottest DJ, Nicole Chen wowing the crowd with their music and for those lucky enough to be in the VIP area, mingling with the many guests for the night.
H-Artistry which is from Hennessy were having their signature long drinks free flowing for the night and the best part was, they promoted Responsible Partying! I really found it great that Hennessy provided Taxi services at a subsidized rate and they even had a lounge area for people to chill out and sober up before heading home. Mineral water was also on the house and I guess this really helped alot and it shows that Hennessy means it when they say we should party responsibly.
So do read on for more photos, which I was so happily snapping away for the night. Now I wonder how they will beat this party up North when the H-Artistry 2013 moves to Kuala Lumpur in November 2013. If I'm lucky, I'll be able to share to you about the Kuala Lumpur event as we get closer! Cheers!

The many pretty ladies for the night
Great ambiance

Lucky me
Does this reminds you of James Bond?
Bottomless supply of Hennessy Long Drinks
Great setup
There were photo booths for guests to have fun snaps throughout the night
This is the main party area. This was taken before 9pm when the party starts. Everyone is still held at the lounge area!
24 HERBS in da house!
Mixers for the long drinks, my favorite is still the Apple!
From 8pm, the crowd was already getting in the mood, with local star DJ Alex Asquared mesmerizing the crowd
Man, they even have a flying copter to video scenes from the Sky! Awesome + 1
Finally after 9pm, the crowd rushed in to the main party area
Perks of being in the VIP area, managed to snap a picture of Nicole Chen!
Almost starting now
And boom! The party kick off with 24 HERBS belting out their Canto Pop hits
The crowd going wild
Pa Pa having a toast with the crowd.

24 HERBS doing a collaboration with Astro Star Search Champion Alexis Cheanin
And having a fun time with host Julie Woon
An electrifying performance of sight and sound by Dennis Lau, with Andy Murphy helping the DJ console, and Alexis coming on the sing the songs!

Andy Murphy doing his thing. I have to say, this leng chai really got girls literally falling off their feet
Awesome crowd, awesome venue, great setup, and Andy playing!
Laser shows

The VIP area in front of the stage

So many people
The last performer was Nicole and her music really got the everyone hyped up and what a night!
And finally it comes to a close! Really and amazing party experience so don't miss the chance to get invites for the next party ya!

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