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Saturday, June 22, 2013

NEW YORK 2013 ~ Grand Central Station

Well, initially this was not part of the plan but I was made to know that this is another must see attraction in New York City. This is of course the infamous Grand Central Station which I guess is featured in oh so many movies and what not.
I have to say though, architecturally, this place is huge. I sometimes just wonder, how did these people in New York figured so long ago that they will need such a huge station which is still, to this day, well maintained and used by millions of people. 1 word, Amazing.
As I went there at night, the place had a nice yellow glow from the lighting and it really is interesting to see so many people zipping around late at night. The city I guess really never sleeps.
Well, do enjoy the pictures, and it really is a great place just to step foot once. It would have been a great backdrop for wedding portraits, but I wonder if we will need to seek special permission for that!

There it is, Grand Central Station

 Seems like there is some celebrations

 The ticket counters
 There is even an Apple Store here
 The famous clock in the center of the concourse. Heard its worth millions
 Drawings on the ceiling
 Queuing for tickets

 Big American flag

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