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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Zi Wei Yuan Steamboat Restaurant, Raja Uda, Butterworth

Being a fan of Steamboat, I'm glad to know that those in Penang are pretty decent but there is one that is very popular which is located at Raja Uda, near to the 9 Emperor Temple along Jalan Raja Uda. The place is called Zi Wei Yuan Steamboat Restaurant and its easily spotted as its right along the main road. I'll post the GPS coordinates below.
So what's so special about this place? Well, for a start, their steamboat is that of a fish and yam stock and this is what gets customers coming back for more. They also uses charcoal for the heat and its pretty cool when you see their portable mini fan firing up the heat! 
So, the way to  order here is that there are 2 ways to do so. Its either ala carte or one can choose from the many set items. So it really depends on you liking and budget. The prices are pretty decent and won't cost you a bomb as long as you don't order something super expensive like abalone.
What I like about this steamboat is that the soup base is very tasty and when you throw in the fried yam and fish meat, the soup base really comes together in the end to make it a great tasting pot of soup. You can then either have it with rice or noodles and you will not be disappointed. I mean, so many people going there can't all be wrong right? So, those that have been there too, do feedback how was your experience! Cheers.
GPS : N5.439204, E100.386782

The yummy pot of goodness!
The interior is pretty cooling with lots of fan for ventilation

You can also opt to sit outdoors. Its actually very cooling at night
 Vegetables to your liking
 Can't have steamboat without some tofu
 Heheh, that night we ordered some extra large prawns
 These are the very yummy fried yam
 Everything in. See the charcoal in the funnel
 Do take note of their special chilli dip
 All ready to serve! Hmm, just writing this blog makes me hungry
 A few more pics, by the time we left it was dark already
 Remember this signboard and you can't go wrong

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