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Monday, July 1, 2013

Joe's Crab Shack ~ Schaumburg, Chicago

I guess Joe's Crab Shack is quite popular in the USA and thus I found one when I was in Schaumburg. The reason why I wanted to try this place is because they have those giant crabs aka Alaskan King Crabs which is made so popular by Discover Channel's Deadliest Catch. I mean, eating these King Crabs in Malaysia will cost a bomb so I seek out this place and was thankful that you can get a nice piece of this crab for less than USD30. Quite a good deal it seems and thus thats what I ordered. Come to think of it, I should have ordered something more, maybe throw in a lobster or what not. Anyway, I went to the one located at Golf Rd and its a building on its own colored in some really bright colors that makes it stand out. 
I was really surprised by the size of the place once you step in and its tastefully decorated. I'm not sure why their mascot are sharks though and its really cool that I managed to grab a miniature shark back for my daughter! To the waiter who served that Asian dude in March, cheers to you for making my daughter really happy!
So back to the place, yeah its all wooden deco and I chose to sit by the window for some better lighting for my food shots. So I'm happy to report that when the crab pot came, there were a few monstrous legs of crab and 2 potatoes and a cob of corn. Overall, the crab tastes pretty fresh and the lemon butter dip works well together. You are suppose to eat with the supplied tool, but I wish they gave out scissors instead as the shell of the crab is not very hard, thus using scissors would be ideal to get pieces of the crab nicely peeled.
Anyway, I thus had to work extra hard as I like to eat my crabs in as big chunks as I can after peeling and I did succeed to some extent! Well, I do recommend this place as its affordable and I guess value for money. Do check the place out!

This is the place!

 The interior
 Notice the sharks?

 View by the window
 My King Crab pot is here. Even though you could get a few types of crab in a bucket, but this pot will give you the most pieces of King Crab!

 It has really small claws though
 See the piece of meat after the shell is off
 Just look at the length of this leg compared to my hand
 Thats their tool there

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