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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

E&O Hotel ~ A Weekend Getaway staying at the Victory Annexe Corner Suite

Since March 2013, the Victory Annexe wing of the E&O Hotel in Penang has been opened and I really have to thank my lucky stars that I was invited to a weekend at their corner suites with my lovely family. The very mention of E&O will have people equating superior top notch service and classiness all bundled as a neat package. When I got to know that I will be staying at E&O Hotel for the very first time, I couldn't sleep waiting for the very weekend where we will have a family getaway. Even though its still in Penang, but I can say that after checking in to the hotel, there really isn't any need to leave! 
Being a 5 star hotel, expect all the amenities like their beautiful infinity pool looking over the Straits of Malacca or the many restaurants that are available. There is Sarkies Corner and the Planters Lounge which is located at the new wing of the hotel. Then there is also a fully equipped gym room and I'm just waiting for their up and coming Spa to be completed. Besides these perks, the E&O Hotel management really wanted to highlight the history and significance of the hotel and thus, there is a mini "time machine", alright, its a mini museum, that relates the many wonderful and colorful journeys that they hotel has been through, as well as their many distinguished guests! There are families who continue to visit the hotel for over 3 generations, which I personally found amazing. 
As I took so much photos, I will focus my blogs about the hotel into a few parts, especially when it comes to the food. This post is very much about the Corner Suite, which measures over 120 square meters (yes you read it right). Basically its as large as the apartment I'm staying in and it feels just amazing walking into such a well detailed room. Thus, do read on to have a look at this place, which I have to stress, its all about the details!

When you step into the room, you just go WOW! 

 There is an assortment of fruits for the guests to snack on
 In the main living area, there is even a mini toilet! Its like this is for the "other" half to use in an emergency or if you have guests coming up for coffee
 The living area using a different white balance setting
 The study or work desk. What a classic look. The table lamp and the curved chair really set the mood
 This is one of the few chairs in the living area. Just look at the fine selection of the fabrics and design
This is the table in the living area which I found really interesting and unique. I'm thinking that they custom made this table from some old signage!
Look at the intricate fittings and detail
 The bedroom, has a king size bed, though we didn't get the one with the bed post! Notice the extra bed on the right, which was for my daughter
 This is the corner with a another lavish designed sofa. My daughter calls this the "throne". Kind of looks like one don't you think
This is the classical table clock that is by the bed. See what I mean by the details.
Now, there is an assortment of hot beverage packs available too, and do you notice the Lavazza coffee?
 One of the neat things about the mini bar is that all the non alcoholic drinks are complimentary! That means the 6 cans of drinks there are good for your consumption, courtesy of the hotel! This is a sweet touch
 OK, back to the coffee. There is a personal Lavazza coffee machine and it pumps out a total of 4 cups of coffee from the supplied coffee packs. Not sure if they have refills, but 4 cups is a heck of a lot as you do want to catch lots of snooze time
 My yummy cup of coffee. Nice crema being formed !
 I was looking for creamer but found this instead in the fridge! Way better than coffee mate
One of the highlights of the room definitely has to be the washroom! One, its huge, two its design for 2 person to use at the same time! Just look at the signature E&O black and white tile pattern and that bath tub!
There is also a standing shower stall if you don't like to soak in the tub. It would have been perfecto' if they have included some bubble bath foam/salts with the tub!
This is what I meant when saying its designed for 2 person. There is actually 2 wash basins, one for him and another for her which has different amenities to suite Mars and Venus so they don't have to fight.
No worries of not bringing your toiletries

The shower tap at the bath tub. Again nice finishing
The cozy robes, though I always find them abit too large, more for the big tourists I guess
 It was night time and this is the scene I get of Gurney! Just mesmerizing. One thing to note, there are sensors on the sliding doors to the balcony in which when the door is opened, the air conditioning shuts off! So in case your A/C is not working, do check if you left the door opened.
 The street down below. It was surprisingly a quiet Saturday night
 The chairs in the balcony (day time now)
 And the view again :) It was abit hazy though that weekend

 Stay tune for my next entry about the facilities as well as the food places!

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