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Saturday, August 10, 2013

E&O Hotel Heritage Wing ~ A glimpse of the past

Before I continue on about the Victory Annexe and all the fun stuff there, I would like to take this chance to share abit about what E&O Hotel, about their Heritage Wing where it all started. This is more of a photo blog entry, just sharing some of the many interesting things that the hotel has to offer. I would say that for those looking to experience the ultimate in a heritage hotel, nothing beats the Heritage Wing. The rooms has largely remained unchanged since the beginning of the hotel and there are many features that has been brought over to the Victory Annexe such as the special tile patterns in the bathrooms. So do scroll on to see and have a glimpse of this special hotel.

The seating area at the lobby. Pristine furniture at its best.

The central area with the all resounding dome. The way its constructed, as long as you stand anywhere below the dome, you will be able to resonate your voice across. Thus, never speak of any secrets while you are walking here, as someone else could be listening.
Close up of the dome
Many might not know this but there is actually a store selling many unique items and trinkets at the ground floor of the Heritage Wing. Its really a gem of a find as some of the items here are created by many famous local Penang artists.
Original plates and cutlery of E&O Hotel
One can find books, clothing and souvenirs here too!
Now lets head upstairs to check out the rooms here. The long corridor
I was shown one of the standard rooms and its really as if we were transported back in time. If you notice in the reflection, even the TV is old school.
 So is the telephone. I'm surprised its still in good condition
 The alarm clock
 Turn on the lights with the very classic switches
And you will be greeted by the very classic bathroom! Again, there is double wash basins which is a trademark here

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