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Monday, August 26, 2013

I-Steamboat City, Lorong Selamat, Penang

I-Steamboat City is located at Lorong Selamat and based on their name, one would expect that they only have steamboat on the menu. I was equally surprised to learn that they open even for breakfast and their steamboat menu only starts from evening to the whee hours of the night (they open till 3am).
They surprisingly have pretty decent set meals for the day and interestingly enough, they even have fried chee cheong fun.
Now what they are abit different than others when it comes to the steamboat part is that they create alot of the meatballs themselves. Yeap, there are over 15-20 varieties and depending on which set you choose, one can sample a good choice. The steamboat is either based on ala-carte or buffet but the buffet only have selected meatballs on offer at any one time. Another good thing here is that there are a few soup varieties to choose from (but I found the Tom Yam and the salted vege soup the most appealing).
Do check out the photos, ya.

The shop front!
 The signboard for whats good for the day

 Big banner
 Nice clean interior with air conditioning
 Good thing is their sauces, their special sambal sauce
 The items on the buffer section.... hmm pretty limited, though they will take out more once it runs low. This was suppose to keep the food fresher

 Luckily also have prawns and scallops

 This is their pork ribs rice set which is pretty decent with the amount of pork ribs you get
 And this is sesame oil chicken set

 They even have Hokkien Mee, though its not the best I have eaten in Penang, but its an option for those in a group and they might not want the rice sets
 At least the condiments are generous
 The Char Chu Cheong Fun was pretty good and worth a try
 Surprisingly the Loh Mee was pretty decent and did not disappoint
 There is even a normal Chu Cheong Fun. As I'm not a big fan of this with the sweet sauce, I'll skip the comment though the sambal that came is good.
 They even have porridge with the stewed pork belly. Yummy but fattening la so take this not frequently is good.

 This is the "Ma Latt" soup. It lacked the full body of what I have tasted in Taiwan. Probably they didn't put in the coagulated blood?
 Tom Yam was the safest bet
 The satay was a disappointment. It tasted like maggi curry soup
 This was the salted vege with duck soup. This one not too bad though my throat did feel dry after the dinner
 Some of the self made meat paste
 The assorted meat balls
 Their fried chicken bit was pretty good. Bite size and crunchy
 Let the cooking begins
 Rolled beef slices
 And pork belly slices. Too bad cannot eat too many of this ya
 Stuffed Tau Pok with meatballs
 Some of the items we grabbed from the buffet section

 And this is some of their more unique meatballs.
Overall, this place would probably be an option for those craving steamboat at the whee hours as they open till so late at night.

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