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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Yongkang Street - Great place to hangout!

There are an abundant of places in Taipei to walkabout but one that I find really enjoyable is a place called Yongkang Street located at Daan District.  Just get off the yellow line MRT at Dongmen station exit 5 and its just less than 50m away.
As one exits the station,  Im sure you will notice a shop that has an abundant of people forever queing up! That shop is non other than the famous Din Tai Fung! It also happens to be the first shop in this famous eateary and its very popular with tourists! To me, unless you really want to put a checkmark saying you have visited,  then my suggestions to skip it.

The view of Taipei 101 as you exit the MRT
Yongkang Street is the first lane on the right

Sunday, September 7, 2014

New beginnings in Taipei

Since the end of August, my family and I have moved to Taipei due to work. So slowly as we settle down, I will be exploring and writing more about my findings here. With that, I hope that will continue to have more writeups, as I do notice there aren't many English food blogs here! Cheers!