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Monday, August 20, 2012

Street Grill Burger, Sungai Pinang, Penang

There is so many reviews lately about burgers and burgers! I guess it goes to show why McD's and practically every fast food chain have a burger on their menu. Burgers are just such a joy to eat, especially when you get one that has good quality meat in it. Thus I was initially surprised when I got a call to try out some burgers at a small little van parked by the roadside next to the Ocean View apartments. The guys here operate Street Grill where they have a selection of grilled burger goodies just waiting to be had!
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The small van/truck that is parked by the road side next to Ocean View apartments. If you don't know where Ocean View is, its near where the Burger King outlet is in Penang.
 All their patties are homemade and you will notice that for their chicken burger, they actually use full pieces of chicken thigh meat. For the normal size, you will get the upper thigh and for a special, you will get a whole leg.