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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 1 at Copenhagen ~ on the way for lunch at Nyhavn Harbour, Nyhavn 17 Bar & Cafe

From where I left off, which is at the Royal Palace, we continued our walk around Copenhagen, heading to Nyhavn Harbour. As it was almost 2pm already, the stomach has started making some noise so we decided to have lunch there too. The chosen place was Nyhavn 17, Bar & Cafe which is a shop in bright yellow color and a huge signage. I managed to find their menu at their website here,%20Juni%202011%20Dag%20skilt.pdf

Well, below are the pictures as I walk through them ya. Enjoy

Along the street you will see lots of different buildings, some really old but some a mix of modern design, mainly glass type.

 Statues seem to be a common item here in Copenhagen

 Bicycle lane, painted in bright blue on the street

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 1 at Copenhagen

It's nice to be in a foreign country but its even better when you have friends who will take their time and show you around. I have to thank CH and Tommy for this and my colleagues for arranging this with them. So atfer my breakfast, we started of on our day tour of Copenhagen. Its not s very big town and everywhere is easily accessible either via train or bus. The public transport here is really efficient but a tad expensive. Its also a very bicycle friendly city and thus there are lots of people cycling here. So I will be commenting on my pictures below taken as we stroll around Copenhagen. Enjoy ya.

Blue flowers outside the hotel lobby
 The hotel lobby of Radisson Blu Scandinavia which has the only casino in Copenhagen. You have to pay DKK90 though just to enter.
 This is hoe the exterior of the hotel looks like.
 Open top classic car driven on the road. This is surely a rare sight in Malaysia.

Good Friend Seafood Restaurant ~ A Review

For those who live in the southern part of Penang island, its almost certain that they have heard of Good Friend seafood located on the beach at Teluk Kumbar. The place which I will write about on the other hand is located in Bayan Lepas and is actually run by the same owner who started the one at Teluk Kumbar. The owners objective now is to provide a place for even better quality food as well as a more relaxing air conditioned environment for his customers.
So here we are invited for this review here. The first thing that struck me was that the place was cozy and that the menu now have more varieties of dishes other than just seafood. This is really good news as I feel that sometimes having a meal purely of seafood can be abit overwhelming. So I will use the same format as I did in my previous post, writing about each photo instead of a big summary here. Keep reading ya and always welcome for comments.

Address: 19-A, Sunway Prima, Jalan Sungai Tiram 5, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Phone : 04-6430118

The exterior of the restaurant at night with the bright sign board
 The simple interior. They also have more space upstairs with bigger tables and more seating area
 Steam Grouper at about RM80/kg. This was the first dish to be served. Its steamed without other condiments other than the soy sauce topping. The fish was definitely very fresh and steamed just nicely.
 Steam clams ~ RM18. This is steamed clam with a dash of chinese wine and also some ginger and chilli padi. The clams are fresh and of a quite large size. Its not too spicy and with fresh seafood, you can always be sure of a good taste.

Santorini Cafe ~ A review

I'm really thankful for the opportunity that I have been given recently, and thus was invited for this review at Santorini Cafe. Well, even if its an invited event, will still be doing what I have been and that is writing about my beloved food. So, this cafe is located along Burma Road in Penang, its right in between the big aquarium shop and also Little Cottage. So it should not be too hard to locate. On the other hand, parking is abit difficult as Burma road itself doesn't have that many spaces but there is plenty on the side road of Jalan Kedah.
So what does Santorini Cafe serves? Its a mix of local and western food in my opinion. Got to know that one of the owners is from Kampar and they are trying to bring some of their famous fishball mix to Penang. Now my family is also from Kampar so I can pretty much compare to what I have been having since young. Hehehe. This time, I will elaborate on each photo as I guess that is less confusing as we got to sample quite a number of dishes. But it was really just sampling, each person had just a bite or less as there were so many reviewers, but just not that many food :p Do read on ya.

Address : 94, Burma Road, 10500Penang.
Phone : 04 - 2292776 OR 016-4416039

The sign board of Santorini Cafe
 Entrance with many white boards with their current specials

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Finally in Copenhagen

So after spending nearly 30 hours on the road, transits and flights, finally reach the hotel and check in. Few photos of the room. Its abit disappointing for the price for Asians I guess. But, luckily I'm not paying for it. Paying 5 stars for a 3 star room :p Look at the TV, still a 21" CRT, luckily got high speed internet. Slept like a pig and was shock to wake up in early morning to find that its still only 4am but the sun was like that of the afternoon. Apparently its summer and the sunrise is at 2.30am. HAHHAA

 My room....
 Small bed
 Pitiful TV
 The simple soap and shampoo
 View from my room
 Luckily is a nice view of the city
 Then went for late breakfast. Sadly, everyday also exactly same food. The chef got such an easy job. Seems like smoke salmon and sausages is like standard meal. Ham is there too with mushrooms
 These mini pumpkin is for deco only
 Fruit blend, slightly burnt pancake and sausages
 Some watermelons
 Sausage and tomato
 There was a lemon tree in the cafe
Look at that, real lemon on a tree

Bangkok to Frankfurt on Thai Airways

So I finally am writing about my 14 hour flight from Bangkok to Frankfurt. Yes, I couldn't get a direct flight thus this was the only other alternative. First time sitting on the upper deck of the Boeing 747. I thought it will be nice, it definitely was quieter but felt that the chairs was abit old. But the food on this flight was pretty good. Before the flight even moved off the tarmac, a cup of champagne was served. Not sure what brand but it was not really smooth. Then once in the air, we had starters of a Thai version of their Otak Otak. This was really good and with that, I was starting to hope for more. Next came the appetizers which was a plate of rolled chicken ham and smoked salmon and another plate of mix green salad. I also had a piece of garlic bread on the sides. The main course was Chicken in Pa-naeng Curry with rice. The curry was great but I can't say the same about the rice. It was too soft (maybe being microwaved?). Finally dessert was some cake which I didn't like at all. I guess it was a mixture of cheese and raspberries that made me not like it. So this is the first serving.
In between the flight I was feeling hungry and they served some appetizers. This is the best appetizer I have had as they served chilled foie gras and also prawns. Yum. I had 2 plates :)
The second serving which was salmon sandwich of mash potatoes. Interesting huh. At first I was wondering if it will be good, and thankfully, it tasted awesome. Wish there was more. My main course I chose the fish with potatoes. This was alright but the fish tasted fishy. Some muddy taste to it. Also, there was a bone in the fillet, which I was really surprised. Could it be the made a mistake? No I didn't report or complain. Dessert was some white chocolate something. I didn't like it too :p And so, I reach Frankfurt in one full piece (gain weight somemore as non stop eating)

 Upper deck
 Remote arm rest. Got massage function but very soft one
 How it looks. Very empty luckily
 Otak Otak
 Starting of my meal
 Close up
 Olive oil and vinegar for salad dressing
 Chicken Curry
 Forgot to mention got fruits and cheese
 Mid flight appetizer
 Then start the 2nd meal serving. This one really nice
 Thats me, thanks to the friendly steward :)
 See how the salmon became a sandwich
 Main course of fish in tomato sauce
 Hmm... I think it was Tab Tim fish.. ??
 See, got bone somemore
 Dessert again
 Love the view of the sky
 Then there was a rainbow somemore.
 Thats my colleague there :p
 The plane I was on at Frankfurt, Germany
 The sign says it all
Waiting for the next flight to Copenhagen. Sadly it was delayed 3 hours
 Frankfurt airport is huge. Need to take a tunnel to the other terminal