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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 1 at Copenhagen

It's nice to be in a foreign country but its even better when you have friends who will take their time and show you around. I have to thank CH and Tommy for this and my colleagues for arranging this with them. So atfer my breakfast, we started of on our day tour of Copenhagen. Its not s very big town and everywhere is easily accessible either via train or bus. The public transport here is really efficient but a tad expensive. Its also a very bicycle friendly city and thus there are lots of people cycling here. So I will be commenting on my pictures below taken as we stroll around Copenhagen. Enjoy ya.

Blue flowers outside the hotel lobby
 The hotel lobby of Radisson Blu Scandinavia which has the only casino in Copenhagen. You have to pay DKK90 though just to enter.
 This is hoe the exterior of the hotel looks like.
 Open top classic car driven on the road. This is surely a rare sight in Malaysia.

 Notice the sign that says Men's Room. Not sure is it really a toilet or a room for man. Hahha.
 The central train station. The building is really old and you can see the pillars construction made from wood.
 Forex exchange at the train station. They even accept MYR and all the common currency. There is a catch. Each transaction has a service charge like DKK25 (I think). So if you are with a bunch of friends, do consolidate all your exchange together and not individually else you all lose much more.
 Toilet signboard at the train station...
 Waiting for our train
 The insides of the train. Its really comfortable and spacious. Of course I wasn't taking it during peak hours
 This is the pedestrian bridge as we arrive at the Osterport station.
 My colleagues. From left : John, Khairruz, Chun Har and Tommy
 Family of swans at the moat surrounding the Kastellet. I guess the little swans are grey color when they are young. Hehehe, ala ugly duckling eh.
 Inside the Kastellet. I think these are offices for the army. This place is like a version of the Pentagon but its open to visitors. I just like the red bricks design which gives it such a homely European look.
 Another view. It kind of looks like a barn house
 Another building this time yellow in color. I just love the way it sits in the middle of the green lawn and having a large tree next to it
 The temperature on that day. Its June and suppose to be summer but its only like 15C on that afternoon.
 As we exit the Kastellet, you are greeted by this view of the church reflected in the waters.
 This lone bench at the top of a hill. I converted it to black and white to get that serene mood
 Horseback police patrolling the streets. They are using our radios (to those who work in Motorola)
 The calm view of so much greenery everywhere.
 Feeding ducks on the lawn
 Little white flowers dot the lawn
 A close up perspective of the church. Its called St Alban's Anglican Church
 This is the fountain opposite the church. Its called Gefion(from Google maps). There is a story to it in that in the past, you can own whatever land that you work on. Thus the lady in the statue converted her 4 sons in to bulls so that the can help to work the land faster. I might have got the story wrong but that is what I remembered :p
 The cross of the church framed by the trees
 Another closer look at the Gefion
 There are elephants all over Copenhagen and this is due to a campaign to raise awareness and save the elephants. Really cute work of art here.
 Flower garden
 Thats lavenders in the foreground
 This is a weed and its puff ball of seeds
 Not sure what flag this is but its blue skies for awhile
 On the way to see the mermaid statue
 And there she is. She is about life size and I thought it would be really small.
 Trying to be creative with the angle that this shot was taken
 Continue walking pass the queen's palace. It looks like big mansions and one can just walk up to the door.
 They have these really tall guards patrolling with their tall hats. They are at least 6 footers and above
 Wide angle view
 Can't remember which is the queens and which is the princes home
 Close up view of the guard

 Continue strolling
 This is another church
 Looks like those cones in Moscow?


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