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Monday, July 4, 2011

Bangkok Airport Royal Silk Lounge + Spa

So as I have time to burn at Bangkok Airport and after walking endlessly among the many shops here, finally decided to rest my feet at the Thai Royal Silk Lounge. The one I went to is located at Gate C and its very open and comfortable.
There are many comfortable couch for one to just relax and there is also free WI-FI here so connectivity is great. The facilities in this lounge includes of course free flow of food and drinks, and they also have a shower room and also very simple beds should one decide to take a nap.
So on to the food ya... heheh, well, they do have a decent selection but I was told that it cannot beat Cathay's or SIA's lounge in terms of variety. But I'm not complaining. They have a central island where the main food trays are located and then at the sides there are some of the special for the day. Then drinks (alcohol included) is free flow and there is only so much you could drink I guess. There is also an area for snacks and fruits too.
So I tried their chicken and shrimp steamed bun and also their siew mai (dumplings) (chicken). I think its chicken as I don't recall if its pork.(I could be wrong). I also had a piece of chicken sausage (mini). My colleague on the other hand had a plate of salad with some dressing on top. Looks yummy and healthy too. Next I had a second helping of mushroom pie and a few more of those lovely siew mai.
Unexpected, we then found out that we are entitled to a complimentary massage. You can choose to have a neck+shoulder massage or foot massage. I chose the former and I must say that it really helped to loosen up the stressed out muscles. After the massage, we are brought to the spa lounge where we are served some snacks and also scented teas. Very refreshing indeed. The decorations here are really superb and gives a calming mood. As we still had time, we headed back to the lounge.
I decided to chomp on more food and this time took the chicken dumplings with soup. I added a spoon of paprika to give the soup some oomph. I finished off my meal with a seafood flavored potato chips! So this transit time was well spent, and off to the long flight to Frankfurt.

The lounge setting 
 The food island
 Cakes, puffs....
 My first round of food
 Mushroom pie
 Another angle of the lounge
 Snacks at the spa
 And the tea
 Spa setting
 Dried mangoes
 Lotus flower
 Round leaves
 Dumpling soup with paprika at side
Seafood flavor potato chips

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