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Friday, February 14, 2014

Pirate Seafood Night @ Eastin Hotel Penang 2014

I can't imagine a better way to start 2014 than to splurge on a buffet dinner! And what a way for Eastin Penang to kick it off by bringing their Pirate Seafood Night on every Saturday for the year (subject to changes). Now I have been to many buffets touting to have great seafood and all but either the food is lacking or it comes at a high price.
I'm glad to say that this promotion at Eastion Hotel Penang is probably one I would say is the best seafood buffet deal I have had thus far in Penang. No kidding! Now, barring that the serve something spectacularly special on this launch night, but if they keep it up, I'm sure they will win many fans over with their very good spread of seafood choices as well as a very decent price.

Now below is the pricing for this buffet :
Every Saturday 6.30pm-10.00pm
Price : RM80++ - Adults, RM48++ - Child

Does that deal look enticing? Well, if I were a diner, thinking to splurge RM80++ on a meal I would surely think twice, unless of course I know what to expect. I guess thats why I blog about these things, so patrons to these outlets can have a rough knowledge what sort of deal they will get.

So here goes!
This is the cold seafood spread on ice. This is probably the focus area where you should target first as some of the items here are limited
Are you able to spot some of the goodies?