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Friday, February 14, 2014

Pirate Seafood Night @ Eastin Hotel Penang 2014

I can't imagine a better way to start 2014 than to splurge on a buffet dinner! And what a way for Eastin Penang to kick it off by bringing their Pirate Seafood Night on every Saturday for the year (subject to changes). Now I have been to many buffets touting to have great seafood and all but either the food is lacking or it comes at a high price.
I'm glad to say that this promotion at Eastion Hotel Penang is probably one I would say is the best seafood buffet deal I have had thus far in Penang. No kidding! Now, barring that the serve something spectacularly special on this launch night, but if they keep it up, I'm sure they will win many fans over with their very good spread of seafood choices as well as a very decent price.

Now below is the pricing for this buffet :
Every Saturday 6.30pm-10.00pm
Price : RM80++ - Adults, RM48++ - Child

Does that deal look enticing? Well, if I were a diner, thinking to splurge RM80++ on a meal I would surely think twice, unless of course I know what to expect. I guess thats why I blog about these things, so patrons to these outlets can have a rough knowledge what sort of deal they will get.

So here goes!
This is the cold seafood spread on ice. This is probably the focus area where you should target first as some of the items here are limited
Are you able to spot some of the goodies?

Here is a closeup of things must try. First would be the snow crab legs. These are huge and chowing down a few of these will be worth the experience already. I was very pleased with the freshness of these crab legs and they were very juicy and sweet. Good job in preparing these. Only complaint I have is that they did not provide a good tool to cut open the crab legs. I would have given them top points if they had like a tool like Joe's Crabshack or a small scissors to use. But taste wise, its really good.
The next must grab item are these! Canadian lobsters! These are the real thing and they really went out the gate fast. It was again a very good and fresh lobster but I was not exactly please that they probably broiled alot of these together and thus there is like some seafood bubble gunk on it. Wonder why the chef didn't just steam these? I guess its the standard serving method in a buffet? And another note was that these took forever to refill once the first batch was gone
This is just a showcase! Wish I can have that salmon freshly sashimi right there live.
Lots of desserts with pirates decorations
Aren't these layered jellies cute?
Thats a skeleton!
There must be some treasures underneath those goodies
Anchors away
These are slipper lobsters. First deep fry it and then let it soak in the sauce!
Oyster Kilpatrick. Hmm, hope I spell it right. The oysters are baked with bacon toppings. Yummy
Scallops with leak and salary. The use of fresh scallop makes this dish particularly inviting. I initially thought that this would be a let down but was proven wrong. Should definitely try this
Mussels with lots of garlic is always lovely.
Curry crabs is always a must have but I found it lacking oomph! Need to up it a notch. The buns that serve with it though was excellent
Steamed prawns was fresh and brings out the sweetness of the prawns
Shot glass appetizers are always full of color
Lots of options for cold cuts. There is something for everyone in this buffet
Look at all those rolls of smoke salmon! Just eat and eat till you drop
An assortment of sushi was presented as well. Well, its good to have, but since I'm at a seafood buffet, I typically don't want to be full with rice do I?
This is a platter of sashimi! Salmon and tuna and mackerel! Huat ah!
Deep fried mantis prawns with salted egg and curry leaves! For mantis prawn lovers or someone who just loves crispy items, this is a must have!
This is a seafood pie. The top layer is nice and crispy and the inside is very creamy. Interesting
And then there is seafood lasagne
There is a section which just keeps deep frying the seafood. Grab the fried seafood and the choose from the multiple dressings available
These pink and blue pirate macarons that are filled with peanut butter is probably one of the best I have tasted! It was a good thing I managed to grab one before it ran out.
These jellies with the topping make them look like jelly fish!
An overview of the spread!

Frankly its a really good spread
Walking round, there is this huge baked seabass! Again, this was a gem but sadly, there was only one. So as always, grab it fast. Hopefully the chef's will notice how popular it is a prepare more in the future
And since this is a weekly event, below are some of the choices of dishes that will be making their appearance in due time

For diners, do watch out for the treasure hunt where you will stand a chance to walk away with goodie bags, dining vouchers or even a hotel stay at Eastin Hotel Penang! Wait for the pirate to announce when it starts!

So finally its time to share what I had. This is the first plate. Top marks to all except the oyster! It could have been better
Abit of everything here!
And of course some desserts and fruits
Then I saw a noodle counter and decided to order a seafood aglio olio! It was well made and tasty!
As the macarons ran out, it was a surprise the chef whip something out for others to try. But it was no match for the original. They look nice though
Overall, this is one of the best buffets I have had in a long while. Its definitely great value for money and I will definitely make a return! Hope others will enjoy as well.

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