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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Moku Moku DIY Mushroom Growing Kit ~ Fantastic Experience Growing your Own Mushroom

Slightly more than a month ago, I got the honour to try out the Moku Moku DIY Mushroom Growing Kit which is the brainchild of the duo Mervin Low and Sean Chai. They started their mushroom farm in a small town called Lukut which is near Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan. Now I'm sure many are able to procure fresh mushrooms from your local market or even most super markets, but can it get even fresher than say grown on your balcony? 
With the goal to provide consumers with the best mushroom growing kit, Moku Moku takes painstaking effort to provide a quality package where all the growing materials are organic and natural and one can have great mushrooms.
To me, the biggest advantage to this is not so much of being able to grow mushroom, but its the experience of seeing the mushrooms start to pin, and then finally fruit! Its really amazing and since I have my six year old, this is probably one event that she truly enjoyed. 
And the best part is, everything is so convenient. Just head to their website and place and order online, and once all is done, they will courier the mushroom kit to your doorstep. The price is very affordable for such an experience, and if you do plan to save, combine a purchase with your friends or colleagues as the more you buy, the bigger the discount as well as saving on the shipping fees.
Without ado, do read and check out the photos here. Lots of photos but it shows my very enjoyable experience and would like to thank Moku Moku for the opportunity to try out their growing kit. PS, one is suppose to be able to get the kit to fruit at least twice but mine still has not after the first one. Fret not, Im still not giving up on it and will continue to try!

This is how the end results look like!!

With glee, I got the parcel. This is the twin pack packaging! Now lets see what is inside
 Snug and fit, two boxes of the growing kit. Now, I have to say, the design is pretty slick and and I do like the cartoon touch which will go very well with kids
 I'm Ms Grey Oyster. I wonder if they have plans to introduce other varieties soon? Else Ms Grey Oyster will undoubtedly be lonely eh
 The growing kit taken out from the shipping box. You can see the clear instructions on the sides of the growing kit.
 Open the top and you will find the growing medium which is already fully colonized by the mycelium (roots) of the mushroom and its white in color. Then there is also a clear mister bottle for misting the mushroom kit.
 With the mister taken out
 Fold the top and there is a hole there. Whats it for?
 Now, the front is well designed to be able to tear out and there is also a string attached to it where one can use this as a bookmark too!

 Notice what the hole at the top is for?
 Yeap, for those that guessed it right, its to hold the mister bottle in place
 This is how it looks like with the front flap removed
 Since I had 2 boxes, I decided to cut the opening differently on each one and see what is the result. This is the only part of the instruction that is not very clear as it only mentions to cut an X about 5cmx5cm across. It doesn't say if we should remove the plastic or leave it. So the box below is with the plastic removed and its the one my daughter chosed
 Mine is with the cross cut but with the plastic intact
 After about a week, the box with the opening started to pin and tiny mushroom heads started to emerge. The one without the plastic removed still has not pin
 The growth was quick and furious. I was taking photos every few hours and its amazing to observe as when you see it in the morning and then lunch and finally at night, the size just kept growing

 Phenomenal growth rate at only 2 days after the pins emerge

 Just look at that outburst of mushrooms
 You can see that they sprout from the edge of where the slit was and not from the center of the slit
 Day 3 and it already looks so yummy doesn't it
 A view from the top. You can see its clearly a sizeable mushroom bunch
 Another angle from the side
 Close up

 Its very interesting to photograph these mushrooms ya. So many angles to try and the color and size of each is unique

 4th Day and its almost ready to harvest
 You can see the edge is losing its smoothness already
 Thats my daughter holding the box of her champion mushroom (champion because hers grew first)
 The ripe mushrooms

 My box was only catching up to the first box. It started to pin almost immediately after I decided to cut open the plastic
 Comparing the size

 I guess its slightly over ripened but thats alright
 Just pluck it out and there you have your mushroom harvest ready to cook

 And finally to cook and taste it. This is a stir fry with mix vegetables. The mushroom was undoubtedly fresh and crunchy texture to it.

 My daughter happily gobbled up her mushrooms and was full of joy. Wife would had cooked something more extravagant if she was more mobile :)
 In summary, Moku Moku's DIY Mushroom Growing Kit is a great way for the family or individual to experience mushroom growing in a simple and convenient way. I had always wondered why after a storm, we will find mushroom on the ground overnight, and with this experience, I now know why. They grow exceptionally quick and its just amazing to witness it. Do grab one today to try it out ya!!


  1. Wow~ This is really something worth sharing with. I had never thought that we can actually grow our own mushroom..haha..

  2. Hi Chi Khong. Yeah, its definitely a great experience!

  3. It will be good if no plastic is involve in the mushroom kit. Imagine the amount of plastic generated by using this kit gets thrown away.

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