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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Crumbs Frozen Yogurt Review~ Gurney Paragon Mall

Located opposite Sam's Grocer, on the lower ground floor of Gurney Paragon, right next to the escalator, there is a franchise Frozen Yogurt stall from Hong Kong which is called Crumbs! Its such a coincidence that the place is opened by my friends cousin, and more coincidentally the franchisee here is also my wife's secondary school mate! I was like, wow, this truly is a small world, and after further chatting, thats how it was decided that we will have a small invite for some bloggers to try out their frozen yogurts.
So what exactly is available at Crumbs? Well, they specialize in Frozen Yogurt, Bottle Desserts and also Homemade Scones. Yeap, its all light and healthy, as the yogurt is low fat and all natural. Do read on to see how it taste like and what I think of it.

Lot LG P1(A) & P1(B), Gurney Paragon Mall, 163D, Persiaran Gurney
10250 Penang, Malaysia

Contact Info: +60 11-1444 8823

Business Hours: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm



The color scheme is a bright yellow and its easily spotted. Crumbs with its stars!
As from the sign above, its clear that they have 3 sizes for their frozen yogurt. 
Kiddie Cup @ RM7.90 is about 120gm in weight and comes with 1 topping 
Regular Size @ RM11.00 is about 180gm in weight and comes with 1 topping
Large Size @ RM12.90 is about 250gm in weight and comes with 2 toppings

Did I mention that they have over 20 types of toppings to choose from and some of their most popular are their homemade toppings which consist of the Meringue, House Crumbs and the very delicious Mochi! The flavor of the mochi varies depending what was made that day.

All the yummy toppings
This is the Kiddie Cup, with extra toppings. FYI, one just needs to add RM1.50 for additional toppings.
This is the regular size with mochi and house crumbs! I like how they layered the crumbs in between the yogurt and not just putting it at the bottom or top.
Finally this is the large size, with the Meringue topping! It kind of reminded me of the chinese biscuit that looks like a belly button. I would say the Large size is great for sharing and for those who are more health conscious, why not try choosing fruit based toppings too!
Besides the frozen yogurt, they also have 2 more specialty dessert which is their Lychee Panna Cotta and their Green Tea Mousse. These come in handy little bottles that are kept in a chiller so that its at its best when you dig into it. 
This is where all the yummy goodness is kept.
The Green Tea Mousse was smooth and its very aromatic from the green tea used. The Panna Cotta was smooth and its interesting to have peanut crush on top when its served! Also each bottle of these desserts are priced at only RM5.50 each.
We were just having a fun time trying all sort of poses for the bottles. And the plus side, you can keep the bottles too as they will not re-use it for hygiene purposes. Its really useful to keep small stuff lying about and I heard some people use it to double boil birds nest too!
And finally, Crumbs also has homemade scones and its great as a snack and coupled with the frozen yogurt, you will get pretty filled up. The scones comes in 3 flavors, which is Raisin, Cheese or Chocolate flavored and cost RM2.90 each 
This is the Cheese flavored scones. I actually like this one with a mild cheesy twist to it
The Raisin flavored one was my daughters top pick as she loves raisins!
And of course chocolate lovers will love to have lots of chunky bites of chocolate in their scones ya!
Overall the scones were soft and tasty to the bite and again, a great item to share together too.
I found Crumbs to be overall value for money and the fact that they have scones and desserts sets it apart from just having Yogurts. This would certainly appeal to a much wider crowd as not everyone likes yogurts and this allows a group of friends to be able to patron here and pick something to their liking! Do check them out while you visit Gurney Paragon ya!

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