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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Foodpanda now expanded to Johor Bahru!

Being one of the premiere food delivery providers in Malaysia, serving 5 major cities of Klang Valley, Penang, Ipoh, Malacca and now Johor Bahru, Foodpanda continues to seek to bring quality food to your doorsteps all via the convenience of the Internet. is the local portal for this company which now operates in over 30 countries in Asia and Europe. In Malaysia, Foodpanda has over 300 merchants/restaurants and includes big names like Chatime, Starbucks, Pappa Rich and many more! For Johor Bahru, they now have 17 restaurants and the number continues to grow. The fact that we can now have Starbucks or Chatime delivered to your doorstep makes calling out for a teabreak so much more interesting. 

Another bonus is that for their new service launch in Johor Bahru, delivery charges are free for a limited time. Also, for my readers here, if you are a new user to Foodpanda, then use this coupon code : FP@Lifeisgood and you will receive RM10 voucher with a minimum spend of RM10 on your order! This is good till 4th Dec 2014! So if you hurry, thats RM10 for you to try out in Johor Bahru since delivery is now free! Don't miss this.

Now back to the restaurants in Johor Bahru. There is even local favorites like Chakra Restaurant whcih has a good choice of Tandoori cuisine and the variety is very good. One can choose from their choice of soups and appetizers, and then move on their mains or go with some Tandoori Starters! They also have a good selection of meats and seafood dishes which will go really well with their Naan breads. Oh did I mention they have over 10 types of baked breads and the best part is that their prices are very reasonable too.

Besides Chakra Restaurant, there is another local favorite in Shahrzad Restaurant which serves up middle eastern flavors. Here, one will be able to get starters like Hummus which is not found commonly in local restaurants. I really like their salads which is not like the typical western styled ones and its very affordably priced! Their mains are something that will put a smile to those that like a real Briyani rice such as with chicken or lamb! They also specialize in Kebab's and have meats and seafood varieties. Something unique which I have not had but been in their menu is the Saffron Fish Kebab. The thought of a fish being grilled with saffron sounds really yummy to me.

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