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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Aussie Tucker at Eastin Hotel Penang ~ January 2014 Promotion

With 2014 just around the corner, Eastin Hotel Penang is already prepping up their menu and January 2014 will bring us their Aussie Tucker's menu which gets its inspiration from the country down under :)
With a slightly revamped menu, the coming month will be something to look forward as one will get to savour some Aussie delights which is not always the norm. Well frankly, don't think I have actually seen a fully Aussie themed restaurant menu in Penang so this might be a good thing.
As always, there are some perks to using a credit card and getting a discount is what counts.
The lucky users of Maybank, Standard Chartered, CIMB, Citibank and Mastercard Worldwide credit card members are entitled to a 15% discount as well! So check it out.

Lunch: Monday-Friday (except 31 Jan 2014)
RM50++ Adult, RM25++ Child

Hi Tea: Saturday-Sunday 
RM68++ Adult, RM34++ Child

Semi Buffet Dinner: Sunday-Tuesday, Thursday (except 31 Jan 2014)
From RM50++ per person 

For those that follow my blog, you will note that the prices has gone up slightly and I guess this is what we all call inflation. Sigh, not a good sign but I guess in order to maintain the quality of the food, there really isn't much choice. Do read on to see what I think about this Aussie Tucker promotion for January 2014!

The spread for the Aussie Tucker Promo. Don't worry, I don't think thats a read cow skull :p
The chefs presenting their culinary creations

To start off, we have the Corn and Haloumi Fritters which is served with smoked salmon and sour cream. The fritters are really crispy and yummy even on its own but eaten with the salmon and cream, it brings a different balance to the fritters as there is hte saltiness and smoky taste from the fish.
Next for appetizers there is the Roasted Kumara Salad. Kumara is another name for sweet potato and I find this salad very different from the normal potato salad as the natural sweetness coupled with the roasted taste gives this salad another twist. Only part I don't fancy is the overuse of the dressing which steals some of the flavor of the sweet potato.
One of the more creative appetizers I have had is this Zucchini Bites where the flesh of the zucchini is first taken out and roasted. Then its blended and stuffed back into the skin of the zucchini. I found the stuffing had a very thick consistency and I almost thought it was some fish paste instead.

For soups, there is the Aussie Roast Carrots and Cumin Soup which I found very flavorful from the nuttiness of the roasted carrot to the use of cumin in the soup. Its slightly salty and this would have been perfect served with some toasted bread.
Moving to the main course, we have the Tasmanian Mussels with Garlic Butter sauce. Juicy mussels are what I enjoy and I found that the mussels were nicely done and not overly cooked until its hard and chewy. The ones here were done right and I just wish there was more garlic butter sauce.
Aussie prawns brings sauteed fresh prawns flavored with some salt and pepper and tossed with some capsicum to bring out the sweetness in the prawns. Everything is good other than it was abit tough to peel the prawns :p

One of my favorite for this month is the Macademia Nuts Pesto Pasta. I find the pasta made very well and tossed perfectly with the pesto sauce. The use of lots of blended macademia nuts and sweet basil adds significantly to the flavor and I really enjoyed this dish.
The Grilled Chicken Breast with Barbeque Glaze uses succulent chicken breasts grilled to perfection and was very moist and juicy. My only qualms was the Barbeque Glaze used which I found was more off the shelf than freshly made.
And finally for desserts, there is the Lamington, Fruits Pavlova and also Chocolate Mousse. I found the Lamington which was soaked in Espresso to be the most enjoyable with the bittersweet taste of the coffee and the coating of the shredded coconut giving a good contrast. Its also very enjoyable as a dessert as its not overly sweet. The chocolate mousse was also coated with dark chocolate and the mousse was trapped inside of it and once you bite into it, you will get the soft mousse in the middle. For me, the Pavlova was overly sweet but the choice of premium berries makes up for it.

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